30 Wall Art Ideas That Will Help Customize Your Bedroom

Customizing and updating a bedroom can be a fun and sometimes tedious task. With so many ideas and aesthetics available, a lot can go into decorating, rearranging, and organizing. However, one area doesn't often get as much attention as the rest: the walls. For some, repainting or redesigning walls can be too much of a task, so it only gets attention on special occasions. But this doesn't have to be the case as it's simpler than you may think.

According to Hello Doctor, revamping your home can have many health benefits. Depending on certain factors, decorating can help boost happiness, calm your nerves, elevate your mood, clear your mind, and improve sleep, to name a few. So, before you take a firm stand against redoing the walls, consider the benefits you can add to your life. We have you covered if you don't know where to start. Here are several wall ideas to help you customize your bedroom.

1. Large mirrors

Adding large mirrors that are, perhaps, long and rectangular can make for immaculate decor. While doubling their usage, mirrors can create an illusion of space and help you get ready for the day. These mirrors come in various sizes, shapes, and colors, which allow for a perfect fitting into any aesthetic.

2. Shelves with plants

Plants are a great way to brighten up and bring natural elements to any room. If you are a non-green thumber, turn to the artificial varieties — they offer similar aesthetics and many benefits you will appreciate. You can purchase hooks to hang your plants, but if you prefer, place them on floating shelves in your bedroom.

3. Inspirational messages

Adding home décor that includes inspirational messages is an excellent way to set the mood and tone of any room. These can vary from simple phrases to long quotes. Like many other home décor items, printing or buying inspirational messages can be cost-effective and complementary to your space. With numerous varieties available, the possibilities are endless.

4. Wall lights

Wall lights are another simple and equally beneficial option to decorate any wall. While producing light to set the mood, they can also add to the style and ambiance of a bedroom. Whether you prefer one large feature light or smaller ones, there is no shortage of ideas about what you can do with these décor elements. 

5. Canvas paintings

If you're an artist or someone who enjoys art, canvas art prints might be perfect for you. Hanging artwork is one of the best ways to spruce up the décor in a room. Furthermore, these don't necessarily have to be art pieces — you can also have photos or custom designs printed on a canvas.

6. Accent walls

An accent wall is another way to customize your bedroom to fit your personality. Whatever color and texture you select will allow the wall to stand out, creating a focal point. Hop on Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration; the options are many, from mural ideas and using wallpaper to painting and custom designs. 

7. Small circular mirrors

Like its larger counterpart, a small circular mirror can also be an excellent addition to your bedroom as they are simpler and more accommodating of various walls. Above a bed, nightstand, or dresser are just some of the numerous ideal locations for this décor. No matter the choice, you can't go wrong with a mirror.

8. Wallpaper

Adding wallpaper is one of the most efficient ways to customize your bedroom. It offers many options to help you showcase your personality, style, and everything else. You can even customize it to complement any existing aesthetic or favorite space in the home. Wallpaper is a perfect option, whether decorating the whole room or just one wall.

9. Polaroids

Polaroids are another cute and simple way to decorate a bedroom wall. They add a more personal touch to any room and are perfect for the Y2K aesthetic. These décor elements come in different sizes and are available in numerous colors. No matter the vibe of the room, they will fit right in.

10. Scrabble tiles

Scrabble tiles are another unique and modern option to help decorate a bedroom wall. Since they are fully customizable, you can have them in different sizes, designs, and colors. Throwing in a name, phrase, or short quote can also be fun or have a deeper meaning, depending on your intentions. 

11. Solid-colored room

While this may seem obvious, having a solid-colored room is also a way to customize a bedroom. How much more personal can it get than having a bedroom painted in your favorite color? You can also combine paint colors to get the desired shade, making this option cost-effective and easily executable. 

12. Hexagon shelves

Shelves, generally, are an excellent addition to any area of the home. However, introducing hexagon shelves to a bedroom wall can be a unique way of personalizing the space. Since you can fill them with anything, the possibilities are beyond endless. They can also come in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

13. Chalkboard wall

Do you remember playing with chalk as a kid? Well, you can still have fun with chalk as an adult! And what better way to do this than to add a chalkboard wall to your bedroom? In doing so, you can draw and write whatever your heart desires at any given moment to customize your bedroom even more.

14. Tapestry

Another cute and simple idea to help bring your room to life is to add a tapestry. While tapestries can mean different things to different people, there's no question about their ability to transform a space. They are typically large, but these beauties can come in smaller sizes and various colors and designs.

15. Basket wall

Do you want a cute boho-inspired aesthetic for your room? Adding wicker baskets to your walls can achieve this theme and simultaneously brighten your bedroom. These baskets are brown and tan and typically vary in size, and you can also have them customized or arrange them creatively to fit your décor goals. 

16. Fairy lights

Fairy lights are an inexpensive way to elevate and personalize a bedroom wall. These lights are perfect for nighttime or creating a cozy atmosphere, and you can hang them wherever you desire. There are different types of fairy lights on the market, each offering various colors, lengths, and designs.

17. Posters

Adding posters of your favorite artists or films is a more personal approach for those obsessed with music, movies, and television. Most popular during the Y2K era, these are still adorable and simple to achieve. Additionally, there is no shortage of what type of posters you can get; purchase them online or in specific retail stores.

18. Floating shelves

Like we said earlier, shelves can complement any room in your home. Floating shelves, in particular, take up less space than floor shelves, and work well for any wall, be it a plain one or a nook. To achieve a specific length, design, or theme, simply add as many shelves as you want. 

19. Letter board

A letter board is another inexpensive and appealing idea for any bedroom. This particular item allows you to create any message or quote desired, as long as it fits on the board! Like most decorative elements, they come in various shapes, sizes, and colors — with most being either tan, white, or black.

20. Hats

Like a basket wall, adding hats to your bedroom wall is a great way to create a boho theme or something similar. It is also convenient as you will no longer have to search for your hats, seeing as they are hanging on the wall. This décor idea is cute and incredibly easy to do!

21. Macramé hangings

Macramé hangings are yet another boho-themed idea. They are typically simple and presented in neutral tones, allowing them to pair well with any aesthetic or bedroom wall. As with most design elements, they come in many shapes and styles. There are also several DIY guides to help you make one and personalize it as you please.

22. Dreamcatchers

Dreamcatchers are pretty similar to macramé hangings, except the former originates from Native Americans and is believed to filter bad dreams and protect you from evil, per Tribal Trade. But they can also elevate a room as décor. You can't go wrong with hanging one or three dreamcatchers because you're bound to benefit, no matter your motivation.

23. Wall collage

How much more personal can you get than a wall collage? For this type of customization, two primary options are available. You can use photos of family, friends, and pets. Alternatively, pictures that document your passions or interests could also work. Another option is to combine the two categories and personalize your wall even further.

24. Vinyls

Consider hanging up pieces of vinyl if you love music. You can do this by adding a shelf or a vinyl wall mount. You can also take old pieces of vinyl that no longer play and transform them into décor you can hang. This cute idea may also work for you if you're a collector.

25. Neon sign

Another Y2K aesthetic idea is adding a bright neon sign to your bedroom. These aren't as common as other décor ideas for private spaces, so your room will surely stand out. Neon signs come in a variety of colors and can have either a message or a design. 

26. Flower wall

Another unique and beautiful idea is to create a flower wall. You can use either natural or artificial flowers, but the latter comes highly recommended because they're low-maintenance and can last forever. A rose flower wall can also serve as a backdrop for your photos.

27. Corkboard

Another inexpensive and equally simple idea that can help customize your bedroom is to hang up a corkboard. You can put a variety of items on this board, including photos, notes, to-do lists, and sentimental items. A corkboard can also be an excellent idea for a bedroom or an office. 

28. Wall stickers

Consider adding wall stickers to help spruce up one wall or multiple walls in your bedroom. Since these are versatile and available in different shapes and sizes, they can be more of a personal touch to help showcase your interests. Furthermore, they're inexpensive and can be purchased online or in physical stores. 

29. World map

A world map is another unique idea that can appeal to people of all ages. This décor item comes in an array of shapes, sizes, and designs and can complement any bedroom or office aesthetic. Mount a wold map directly above the bed or on a large wall to create a focal point.

30. Picture frames

Hanging framed photos on walls is a classic idea that will never go out of style. It adds a sentimental feel to the room, so it's no wonder many homes adopt this décor. Pick a picture frame that works for you, add the photos you want to show off, and hang them in clusters or randomly.