The Best IKEA Duvet For Keeping Cool On Warm Summer Nights

Falling asleep and staying asleep can be a difficult accomplishment for a whole host of reasons. While you may not be able to do anything about your racing thoughts or your child waking you up in the middle of the night, there are external factors that can be controlled, such as the room's temperature, clean and fluffy pillows, and, of course, the type of cover you use. If you're paired with the wrong duvet, you may initially be able to fall asleep, but if it's too warm, it could mean you wake up sweating profusely. Fortunately, this challenge is easy enough to solve with IKEA's cooling duvet insert, the STJÄRNSTARR.

The STJÄRNSTARR is one of IKEA's many affordable duvet inserts, retailing at just $29.99 for the twin and $49.99 for the king size. It's made with a variety of breathable and temperature regulating materials, including viscose and lyocell, both of which are known for their ability to absorb excess body heat and wick moisture away. The duvet insert can also be successfully laundered on warm temperatures when it needs a good deep cleaning.

What customers have to say about the STJÄRNSTARR

Personal testimonials matter a lot when you're purchasing a new item — especially something as important as a duvet — so it's worth noting that the feedback on the STJÄRNSTARR is largely positive. Customers appreciate the cooling properties of the insert and confirmed the product's value for the price too. Some individuals even went as far as to claim that the IKEA duvet put an end to their normal night sweating. While most of the reviews are positive, there are a handful warning that the measurements are not accurately represented on the webpage and that the insert lacks tie loops to secure it to a duvet cover. 

Overall, though, the STJÄRNSTARR is a solid option for warm sleepers, especially in the hot summer months. For those wanting a little more control over the temperature of their bedding, simply pair this duvet with whatever material or weight of duvet cover desired, such as a wool duvet cover for very cold temperatures or a cotton or linen cover when it's hot outside. For the best look and feel, remember to keep your duvet cover laundered and ironed.