Tips From IKEA To Brighten Up Your Outdoor Space This Summer

Are you one of us who can't be dragged inside on a glorious sunny day? Truly extensions of the home, outdoor living spaces are smart creations that allow you to make the most of the summer months. However, a deck, balcony, or patio is only as good as its functionality. A dose of style to make the spot inviting doesn't hurt either. Brighten your yard, deck, or patio with lighting and decorating tips from IKEA that will take away your temptation to go inside.

If you're in the market to revamp your outdoor patio space, IKEA has come up with decorating concepts to fill your spot with light and decor that appeal to the senses. Soft materials, dazzling hues and patterns, scores of lighting options, and quirky elements come together for a space that will please your family, your guests, and, more importantly, yourself for the whole season. Assembling the right balance of color, comfort, and illumination will make your outdoor living room as welcoming as your indoor one.

Experiment with outdoor lighting

Illuminating your outdoor living room invites you to linger long after sunset. Make your outdoor space glow as literally as possible with multi-purpose lighting ideas that not only set an charming scene but also help you make the most of your time spent there. You can also enjoy your well-lit patio without the inevitable swarms of bugs that are magnetized to it. Give our 10 best ways to keep bugs away from your outdoor lights a try. 

Opt for a few different levels of lighting, both in height and in strength, to meet many needs. Use strings of LED bulbs to outline your space, and hang lanterns to cast a pool of light that shows where the fun happens. The glow from table lamps like the Solvinden LED floor lamp or Länsport LED portable lamp do wonders for setting a mood. However, they don't do much good for an after-dinner board game or getting lost in a novel. Overhead lights like the Solvinden LED pendant lamp give you enough brightness to read books or game cards — whatever you'd like.

Experiment with illumination that goes beyond lighting. The Vappeby bluetooth speaker lamp, equally useful by day and by night, will provide much-needed music. Want a fire pit without the danger? Twine battery-operated Utsund string lights around decorative logs, and set them in a barbecue or a large bowl for a faux fire feature.

Add brilliant colors, patterns, and textures

Maximize your outdoor living space by giving it a look and feel that makes you want to stay forever. Build the comfiest base with sturdy padding good enough to nap on. For an outdoor sofa, Frösön/Duvholmen back and seat cushions crafted from recycled plastic are an eco-friendly choice. Loungers topped with cushy Kuddarna seat pads are ideal for catching rays during the day and relaxing at night.

Plush cushions in pops of color are as pleasant to the eyes as they are to tired bodies. Cover outdoor pillows with vibrant, budget-friendly cases like the woven Toftö, floral Gullbergsö, and striped Gullbergsö for a sunny look and durable comfort. Snuggle away an evening chill with a nubby blanket like this dark-gray Sandbrodd throw.

Lighting isn't the only thing that can enliven an outdoor living space. A rug and a canopy of mosquito netting will pull the whole look together. Outline the sitting area with an indoor-outdoor rug like Virklund. The graceful white fabric of a Solig net suspended over a chair or sofa can create a cozy cocoon for chats over coffee or a peaceful meditation spot.