TikTok Shares The Plants & Veggies You Should Start Growing In Late June

Though much of the work of gardening begins in the spring season, there is still time to create a flourishing vegetable garden and grow some flowers, too. It is a common misconception that the end of June is too late to add more plants to your garden; there are plenty of options depending on your area's climate. In a TikTok, Epic Gardening shared that sunflowers, bushy tomato varieties, beans, pumpkins, and basil can thrive when planted from seed at the end of June, keeping your garden growing throughout the summer.

These plants will generally do well in the summer because they are more tolerant of the heat, and they will grow fast enough to harvest before cold weather sets in. This will likely vary by region. In addition to the plants previously mentioned, eggplants, cucumbers, peppers, sweet potatoes, corn, melons, and squash can also be planted in late June. When deciding what vegetables you can plant in the middle of summer, consider when your first frost might occur in fall and how long it takes until your plants mature.

Growing plants and veggies in late June

If you've decided to add more plants to your garden this month, you'll want to start soon to allow your vegetables and flowers time to mature. Because pumpkin seeds can take a few months to grow into fruit, you'll want to start these quickly and plant them directly into the ground. To get the seeds to sprout faster, try cutting off the pointed tip of the seed and placing this end upward when you plant, as the TikToker demonstrates in their video. Beans can also be planted directly into your garden, but keep in mind that they may not continue to grow their fruit if temperatures near you are consistently over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. In extremely hot weather, peppers and tomatoes may also have some trouble with pollination.

If you're looking to bring some color to your landscape, zinnias and marigolds are popular flowers that will thrive in the summer heat. They should continue producing gorgeous flowers up until the end of the season when planted this late. Once your plants have started to grow, you may consider mulching your garden to help retain moisture during the hot summer months. Though spring has passed, there's still a chance to grow delicious vegetables and gorgeous flowers in your garden this year.