Why Your Oven Light Isn't Turning Off (And What To Do To Fix It)

If you notice your oven light just isn't turning off, it could be a sign that your oven is too old (along with issues like the appliance struggling to maintain a consistent temperature). But don't go out and buy a new oven immediately. It's possible that you can make a quick diagnosis and repair for a light that stays on, allowing your oven to last longer without needing replacement. 

First, of course, look for an oven light button on the control panel. Most modern ovens come equipped with an on/off button for the internal light that may have simply been overlooked. If this doesn't work, one of the most common causes for an oven light that won't turn off is an electrical glitch in the control panel. If you recently had a power outage, even a brief one, it could cause an error in the control panel, causing the clock to reset or the light to remain lit. To prevent this issue, try unplugging your electronics and appliances during the power outage, so you don't get an odd power surge when the electricity pops back to life. 

To fix this issue after the power surge, unplug your oven for a minute to try to reset the appliance's circuit board. If you cannot easily reach the plug without sliding the appliance away from the wall, you could also turn off the circuit breaker for the oven for a minute. Then turn it back on to regain normal performance.

Other fixes for an oven light that will not turn off

Some ovens have a switch or trigger for the internal light in the hinge area for the door. When you open the door, this trigger automatically kicks on the light for the appliance. Shutting the door should turn it back off. If it remains lit, look for obstructions around the edges of the door that are blocking the door from closing and the trigger from activating. Burned food near the hinges is a common cause. Improperly inserted racks could also keep the door slightly open. 

If you are certain nothing is blocking the door from closing, a bad switch could be the issue. The oven light switch often is near one of the top corners inside the front of the oven. You'll need a screwdriver to pop out the locking tabs on the switch mechanism. Pull it out, disconnect it from the wires, and replace it with a compatible model for your appliance.

You also may have a faulty control panel in the oven. If you notice buttons not working or the display going in and out, the control panel could be to blame. This is a more complex electrical repair that may best be done by a professional technician. To replace the control panel yourself, you have to disassemble the upper section of the oven, disconnect the wires and install the new board. If you feel unsure about DIY'ing this work, call a pro.