TikTok Unveils A Cozy Hobby Nook Trend That's Taking Over Homes Everywhere

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Whether you like to play video games, knit beautiful creations, or color in an adult coloring book, you probably have a favorite spot you like to sit while partaking in all your favorite hobbies. Perhaps you park on the couch or sit up in bed. While these can be fine places to sit, wouldn't a designated spot in your home just make these activities so much more enjoyable? We believe so, and that's why we love the cozy hobby nook trend on TikTok. Creators on this platform are showcasing their hobby corners, each one complete with a comfy chair, throw blankets, warm lighting, and anything they might need for all of their at-home activities. Similar to creating a cozy reading nook in your home, this space is meant to be curated for all of your pastimes.

The most popular TikTok creator that's shown off their hobby nook is @cozy.games. The corner has a round green chair, white mushroom ottoman, cream knit blanket, rolling table, wooden corner shelf, and a hanging lantern light that casts a warm glow over the space. This area is used for everything from playing video games on the Nintendo Switch to building with Legos to completing arts and crafts projects. If you love this trend, learn how to create a similar space in your own home.

Designing your hobby nook

The first thing you'll need to do is choose the right space. While you could add a hobby nook to just about any room in your home, the corner of a bedroom or living space may be the best option. If you have an empty room, you could also create a full hobby space instead of just using a corner. Next, you'll need to choose the right chair. One that's large and comfortable is typically best, especially if you expect to spend extensive amounts of time lounging in it. Affordable options include the 42-inch upholstered corduroy armchair with an ottoman that costs around $400 on Wayfair or the oversized swivel chair on Amazon for $200.

Besides a chair, you'll also need surfaces to complete your crafts on or to store items. For instance, install a floating corner shelf behind the chair for storage. Amazon sells a solid oak wood floating shelf for under $25 that would be perfect. You could also use a rolling table tray to draw or play on, like the TV tray table with casters for $60 on Amazon as well. Finally, consider adding a bookshelf, decorative shelving unit, utility cart, or small side table to your space.

Decorating your hobby nook

Once you've chosen the basic furniture pieces for your hobby nook, it's time to decorate the space. This is just as important, as the smaller elements are what will make your home feel more warm and cozy. The first element is a throw blanket, and the Admitrack chunky knit blanket on Amazon for $40 is the perfect choice. Next, the lighting is also crucial, and a hanging light is a great way to save space. The rice paper orb pendant light from Urban Outfitters for $40 to $60 is an amazing option that you could suspend over your chair. A mushroom-shaped ottoman like the Mainstays boucle storage piece that costs $50 at Walmart would also add comfort.

Also ensure you have everything you need to partake in your hobbies without having to get out of your chair. For instance, those who like to play video games should store their headphones, controllers, chargers, gaming system, and batteries nearby. If you like to color, you'll need coloring books, colored pencils, and a sharpener at hand. Finally, fill the rest of the shelves with decorative items that make you happy. The dopamine decor trend on TikTok could help you find quirky pieces that fit into your space. Things like decorative throw pillows, warm candles, plants, snacks, and your favorite books are always great options to include. A gallery wall would also make the space feel more intimate and relaxed.