18 Affordable DIY Wood Pallet Furniture Ideas That You Can Make & Customize

If you're a fan of DIY projects, you've more than likely seen ideas about how to repurpose wood pallets. These pallets are designed to store and transport large amounts of items, so they're fairly sturdy, and they're also typically made of wood, which can be surprisingly expensive to buy from the hardware store. Because of these factors, pallets make for an easy and fairly popular base for DIY projects, especially if you're looking to save some money or build upon an existing base rather than creating the entire piece from scratch. You can build furniture like chairs, benches, planters, and desks from wooden pallets — and totally customize these pieces, too.

You don't need to get a massive shipment of items to your house to source these pallets. Some businesses are willing to give away pallets for free, but if you're not having any luck asking around, take a look on resale websites like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist to see if there are any available in your area. After you source your pallets, make sure they're in good shape and give them a thorough clean before starting on your project. Whether you're building a bed frame, an outdoor couch, or a simple coffee table, you don't want any critters hanging around on your material.

1. Bed frame

Bed frames are expensive, but making your own doesn't have to be. Because they're already designed to withstand weight and have supports across the top, you can place a mattress directly on top of stacked palettes as a frame without having to worry about finding a boxspring or modifying the palettes to work. However, it is important to properly sand and seal your pallets, especially if they're sourced secondhand and have already been used. You don't want to deal with splinters when you're getting into bed, so preparation is arguably the most important part of this DIY project.

2. Herb planter

If you turn your palette on its side, you can see its potential as a multi-level planter in your garden. Remove some of the boards from the front surface of the pallet until you're left with three or four, then repeat the same process on the back. From there, take the extra wood pieces that you removed and create bottoms to transform the wood pieces that run across the pallet into functional planters. After you give everything a coat of paint, if desired, fill the new planter with soil and start planting your favorite herbs and flowers.

3. Outdoor couch

Outdoor furniture faces a lot of wear and tear because it's constantly exposed to the elements, so instead of shelling out money on a set only to have to replace it a few years down the line, craft your own out of some repurposed pallets. Lay them on the ground to create the base of your outdoor sofa, then attach more palettes to the back at a 90-degree angle for back support. Once you have your basic structure down, go in with cushions and pillows made out of weather-safe materials to make everything more comfortable and plush.

4. Garden bench

If you're looking for some additional seating on a budget, this pallet bench idea is a super simple idea that can give you the chance to utilize repurposed materials. Unless you want to make an extra-deep bench, it's best to start with narrower pallets or cut down your existing pallets to slightly decrease their width. From there, add some wood legs to the corners of each pallet to elevate them and create that classic bench shape. Then, finally, top everything off with some trim around the edges to make it look and feel more cohesive and finished.

5. Coffee table

DIY coffee tables are one of the easiest things to build on your own, so if you're looking for a simple project to introduce you to making your own furniture, this is a great place to start. Take two palettes and stack them on top of one another with a few pieces of scrap wood in between to add some height. You can leave your table as-is, add feet on the bottom, or even add on wheels if you want something that can be transported around your space.

6. Console table

Console tables are typically fairly tall and sit close to the wall so they don't take up a ton of space, so a pallet can make for a great base for your own DIY furniture piece. This is another simple project that doesn't require a ton of work beyond preparation and sourcing materials. Grab a pallet, paint or stain it your desired color, place it on its side, then top it off with a tabletop to make it functional. This tabletop can be pretty much anything you want — a piece of metal, glass, or even some scrap wood.

7. Outdoor swing

There's nothing quite like relaxing on an outdoor swing, and now, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to incorporate this little luxury into your space. To accomplish this build, you'll need a couple of pallets, some chain or rope, and some hooks. Attach your pallets to each other at a right angle to create a bench shape, then attach the chain or rope to the swing with hooks. From there, you can use more hooks to screw the bench into the ceiling on your porch, or you can wrap the chains around a sturdy tree branch.

8. Potting station

If you enjoy gardening, especially when it comes to cultivating plants in pots, starting your own seeds, or propagating cuttings, it can be helpful to have one central location to get to work. This pallet potting station is the perfect solution, and it doesn't take much time to build on your own. Essentially, all you need to do is create an L-shaped bench to function as a workspace, then add on an additional pallet along one of the sides to either function as a planter or storage for all of your gardening tools, seeds, and extra pots.

9. TV stand

If you have a large collection of consoles, movies, or video games, you know that they can take up a ton of space — oftentimes much more than a traditional TV stand will provide. For an upgraded setup with plenty of room, consider creating your own TV console out of pallets. Stack a few on top of each other, use the top surface to support your TV, and use the bottom shelves to hold any of your other entertainment essentials. Because they're open throughout, this pallet setup can also help easily conceal all of those annoying wires.

10. Painting station

Arts and crafts can get messy, so it pays to have a work surface that you don't have to worry about messing up. This simple pallet and crate painting station is a great option, especially if you're looking for a more temporary setup, and it doesn't require any complex assembly. Create two stacks of plastic crates to function as table legs, then top it off with a pallet to make a work surface. If you don't have plastic crates, you could also use a few sturdy boxes, cinderblocks, or bricks to create a similar setup on a budget.

11. Standing table

Outdoor spaces need areas for people to gather and mingle, and these standing tables are a simple solution. Whether you're hosting a large outdoor event or just want to add some variety to your patio, a taller table like this can make for a great addition to your existing furniture. Take two long pallets and stand them on end, then connect a third across the top to create a simple U-shape. If you'd rather not have open spaces in your makeshift tabletop, you can grab some additional scrap wood and fill the gaps to create a smoother surface.

12. Modern desk

Pallet furniture naturally leans more eclectic, but with some subtle changes, you can make it fit basically any style. To create your own sturdy desk, take a long pallet and fill in the gaps along the top with wood to turn it into a functional tabletop. From there, all you need to do is source some legs. For a modern or industrial look, keep an eye out for minimalistic metal options. If you want to lean into a more vintage or repurposed look, however, you can also opt to upcycle some old wood legs from an existing table. 

13. Garden party table

The warmer months of the year can offer the perfect opportunity to host outdoor parties and events, but it can be a struggle to find space for everyone on the guest list. For an easy solution that provides an updated spin on a classic picnic, consider creating your own pallet garden party table. Stack a few pallets on top of each other to create a surface for all of your guests to gather around, extend it to be as long as necessary, then lay some pillows and blankets around the perimeter to act as cozy seats.

14. Storage rack

Extra storage is never a bad thing, and this pallet wall rack is the perfect way to make use out of extra wood from a pallet. If you're not looking to do much building, you can create the base of this rack by cutting down a section of a pallet and removing any extra boards to create more easily accessible shelves. If you have some scrap boards hanging around from another project, however, you can also build the entire thing yourself with just eight slats — two side pieces, two bottom pieces, two back pieces, and two front pieces.

15. Play kitchen

Kitchens carry plenty of hazards, so to give kids a safe place to explore and run their own cooking operation, build them a play kitchen out of pallets. The basic design is simple — essentially just a countertop and a couple of cabinets for storage — but you can make it feel like more of a kitchen by repurposing an old sink, some worn pans, and your lesser-used cooking utensils. If you use the boards from a pallet to create the counter and upcycle the other items, you can pull off this project without having to buy any materials.

16. Outdoor bar

Sipping a cocktail on your patio can make you feel like you're on a tropical vacation without ever having to leave home, but adding on a dedicated bar can help to further enhance your experience. Luckily, this pallet bar idea doesn't take much effort, so you can get back to relaxing in no time. Take an old pallet and turn it on its side, then cut a second pallet in half to create supports. Attach all the pallet pieces together to make a U-shape, add on a countertop, and you're ready to start serving delicious drinks.

17. Dining table

Dining tables can get shockingly expensive, but if you're willing to put in a bit of effort to properly seal and treat a pallet, you can make your own on a budget. Take a pallet that's in good shape, fill in any gaps in the surface with scrap wood, then give everything a thorough sand. After this, stain or paint your tabletop if desired, then give it a protective coat so its not damaged by moisture or food. Screw on some legs to the bottom of the pallet, and voila — your very own DIY dinner spot.

18. Lounge chair

If you like the idea of creating seating with your pallets but don't have the space for a large couch, try your hand at building a lounge chair instead. You'll need two pallets — one for the seat and one for the backrest — as well as some scrap pieces for the legs and arms. Attach some thick block pieces to the bottom of one of your pallets to act as legs, then add on the second pallet along the back. Finish your build with some simple arms made of scrap planks with blocks to support them.