Try This Aluminum Foil Trick To Disguise Flower Foam At The Bottom Of Your Vase

Whether you're arranging faux or real flowers in a vase, floral foam can come in handy. For faux flowers, this product can simply keep the bouquet standing up straight. If used for real florals, the foam can be soaked in water to help the stems stay fresh longer. However, no matter what type of bouquet you're creating, floral foam does come with one downside: it's not very aesthetic. While this isn't a problem with opaque vases that are painted or made out of ceramics, it can completely ruin the appearance of an arrangement in a glass vase. Luckily, there's a simple way to fix this problem, and aluminum foil is the trick to this creative home DIY. Just line your vase with aluminum foil before adding your floral foam and stems.

If you're like the average homeowner, you probably already have a roll of aluminum foil in your home, making this the perfect inexpensive hack to try. Adding in this material will create a reflective barrier that hides the unsightly green foam from view, thereby elevating the appearance of your arrangement. However, this trick is best done with a glass vase that has some texture, such as one with rippling lines or small decorative indents. This is because the uneven surface will work to slightly obstruct the appearance of the crinkled aluminum foil, so no one can really tell what's inside your vase. In fact, if looked at from a distance, it might even just look like water.

Adding aluminum foil to your vase and alternatives

To try out this simple trick, start by cutting off a large piece of aluminum foil and using it to cover the inside of your vase. Crinkle the material down inside the container so that the edges don't show over the top of the vase. Next, if you're arranging faux flowers, just trim the floral foam and place it in the middle of the vase. Alternatively, if you're using fresh flowers, soak the foam before trimming it down, then add it to the vessel. You can also use tape to keep the foam secure and to create a grid that showcases where to place your floral stems. Finally, push your flowers into the foam, ensuring that they completely conceal the green material.

If you find that aluminum foil just isn't working or isn't giving you the look you desire, there are a few other unique items you can use to fill the bottom of your vase. Items like tissue paper, fabric scraps, or burlap could be wrapped around the floral foam before it gets placed in the vase. You could also cut the floral foam to a smaller size so that it leaves space along the edges, then fill the empty area with decorative pebbles, marbles, sand, or seashells. If you'd like to create a natural look, try filling the space with natural leaf ribbon or pieces of moss.