3 Unique Items You Can Use To Fill The Bottom Of A Vase For Home Décor

Vases are incredibly versatile when it comes to decorating with them. Usually, all you have to do is put in a few flowers, and you have a statement piece. But these gorgeous ceramic or glass containers can be used to hold all sorts of items, as they come in different shapes and sizes. So go ahead and use your imagination to figure out what to put inside the attractive options in your home. 

Embla shares various ways to style a vase if you require a bit of inspiration. For example, you can match yours with your interior's aesthetic or favorite items, placing anything from twigs and balls of yarn to wine corks and creating a mini terrarium in them. Not only are the possibilities endless, but it also offers the opportunity to be creative when working with this adaptable décor element. Let's see three unique items with which you can fill the bottom of a vase.

1. Cool beans

Beans are an unexpected yet unique vase filler, and the perfect way to style your glass option would be to fill it with coffee beans, according to Embla. These beans will work double duty to complement almost any décor due to their lovely earthy color palette while filling your spaces with delicious aromas. Walking into a room that smells just like coffee will garner memories of your favorite café, and you can use unique blends to create an incredible experience that your guests will enjoy. 

Other beans that can be used to decorate a vase are pinto beans, split peas, and more. You could even spray paint them to create the look you are going for. Silver or gold are great color options that can typically be used with any home style, or you could also paint them glossy black for a modern and sleek look.

2. Sand structures

Remember crafting with sand art as a kid? This is the grown-up version, except these beautiful sandy creations will have an air of sophistication to them. You can use any color you wish, whether natural or brightly colored. Layering the sand between something else, like small pebbles, can allow you to create magical-looking structures in your vases. TopDreamer shares various ways to decorate with sand, and using colored options to create different patterns and combinations is a good place to start.

If you have a green thumb, plant succulents or even cacti in them. Many of these types of plants thrive in a dry and sandy environment, and you typically only have to water them weekly or monthly. They would make the perfect little vase toppers, too. You can dream in color when it comes to filling up a vase with sand. Black and white are very chic, while red, white and blue would go great with a home decorated in an old-Americana theme. You could even change them up for the holidays.

3. Some serious coin

Spare change can actually make a really cute decoration, especially if you have rustic décor. Not to mention, it will arrest the attention of anyone who walks into your home. These would also make for lovely window sill décor, and adding a little fake greenery will make it look like you're growing your very own money tree. Coins can be good for flowers, too. According to Reader's Digest, the copper in pennies can help your cut flowers last a bit longer. 

Whether you are displaying a jar full of coins or gorgeous cut flowers with some lucky pennies tossed in, this unique vase filler would go great with any interior design style. You can build a nice collection of coins that can amount to something significant; it can also come in handy if you need quick cash to boost your savings when purchasing an item or three.