Ditch Cluttered TV Stands & Try This Instead To Increase Living Room Storage Space

Even after decluttering and meticulously organizing your living room, you may feel like the space is still cluttered and wonder why. Well, you may want to consider that your TV stand is to blame. Especially in cramped homes, a TV stand with open cubbies, clear glass doors, or no storage at all can create lots of visual clutter. So, how can you fix this common mistake people make when designing their living room? The best way is to trade out your TV stand for another item that has more closed storage. Fortunately, we've got the perfect solution: a bedroom dresser. Because dressers typically have lots of large drawers, they're perfect for hiding away all your possessions, thereby increasing your living room storage space.

There are some no-brainer items that can be placed inside the drawers, such as TV remotes, DVDs (if you still have any), video game consoles, and blankets. However, your dresser can also house items that just don't have any other designated storage area in your home, like toys, seasonal clothes, paperwork, books, office supplies, or board games. Really, anything that will fit inside the drawers can be stored in them. This will streamline your home's design and may be especially beneficial when trying to make a small living room seem bigger.

Choosing the right dresser for your TV stand

While there are tons of TV stand options available on the market, there are also just as many dressers available. Furthermore, it's common to find these bulky furniture items at places like thrift stores and yard sales, making them a great budget-friendly choice. When purchasing a secondhand dresser, focus on the size and shape of the piece and not the color or hardware, as these things can easily be updated with a bit of paint or stain. Customizing the dresser with these easy-to-change features is a simple way to make it fit into your specific design style. 

Further, the dresser should be wider than the width of your TV, regardless of whether you're hanging the TV on the wall or placing it on top of the furniture piece. At the same time, the dresser must fit comfortably in the area you've designated for it. Don't cram it into a corner, which may make it appear too large for your space. For safety, it may also be a good idea to attach the dresser to the wall and anchor your TV, especially if you have young kids. This will keep the furniture piece from potentially toppling over when drawers are opened and closed. Finally, if desired, you can decorate your dresser with plants, framed photographs, and vases. On the other hand, to minimize visual clutter, keep the top of the furniture piece empty.