Turn A Simple Pool Noodle Into A Dazzling Staircase Lighting Feature

Weddings, holidays, and other celebrations feel more intentional and luxurious when you skip the party decorations aisle at your local big box store and opt to build a cohesive design with DIY elements. While the planning, crafting, gluing, and arranging will certainly take more time and effort, creating your own decorations is shockingly affordable. In particular, staircase garland can be made to suit any occasion — whether you want to make your staircase a stylish focal point for an upcoming gathering or you're just looking to add more ethereal decor to your space. However, while the garland alone will decorate the staircase beautifully, adding some lights will only increase its aesthetic value, bringing a romantic atmosphere and more artistic flair. Luckily, with the help of a pool noodle and some bobby pins, doing so is easy.


When decorating your staircase or using pool noodles, i found using bobby pins/ hairclips to secure my lights, hanging flowers, vine or any other loose floral bits to secure in place works an absolute charm! Try it next time! #diy #decorhacks #hacks #staircaseremodel #decor #fairylights #hairclips #asianweddings #fypシ #primark #shein #fypシ゚viral #poolnoodlehacks #weddingtiktok #bangladeshtiktok #forestry #vines #fauxflowers #5minutecrafts #browntiktok

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This dazzling, light-up decor DIY that caught our eye uses only a pool noodle, zip ties, string lights, and bobby pins for its base — all of which you might already have on hand, but know that U-shaped hair pins ($2 at Walmart) will work best. Then, for the fun part, you'll also need faux flowers, floral moss, ribbon, or anything else you would like to cover the inner workings of this DIY. When all is said and done, you'll have created a gorgeous staircase garland lighting feature that rivals custom flower stairway garlands — at a fraction of the cost.

How to create and customize staircase lighting

Creating this staircase lighting feature starts with a pool noodle. Use any that you have on hand, but consider the colors of the decor you'll be covering it with at the end. If you are going for a vining indoor foliage vibe, a green noodle will work well, but for a spooky cobweb-covered stairway, opt for white or black. Slice the pool noodle open on one side length-wise and attach it to your stair railing with zip ties, cutting their tails once it's secure. Next, plug in your string lights to determine where the strand should connect to your railing. Before stringing up the lights, unplug them, and then simply slide the connecting wire between a bobby pin's prongs. Press the end of the pin into the pool noodle, securing it in place, and repeat the trick as needed to attach the remaining length of lights further down the noodle.

Depending on the occasion, budget, and aesthetic, you can customize the floral lighting feature for your staircase in dozens of ways. We already DIYed a stunning Christmas garland on a budget using a pool noodle, and with this hack, you can make it even more festive with colorful holiday lighting. For something that works with your normal decor year-round, consider purchasing faux versions of your favorite flowers and vines along with strings of beads, half-inch-wide fabric garlands, and remote-controlled fairy lights to change the feel of your space with the press of a button.