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The Smart Way You Should Be Reusing An Old Wine Rack To Organize Your Jewelry

Keeping your jewelry jumbled up in tangled piles is not the best idea. It may also become tarnished, scratched, or otherwise damaged if it is stored improperly. Jewelry can get expensive, so you probably want to avoid having to replace any of the pieces in your collection. Repairs are not cheap either. You need an organizer to keep your shiny trinkets in good condition and avoid having to purchase new pieces. If you have a wine rack on hand, consider reusing it to store and organize your jewelry. Simply hang your bracelets, necklaces, and earrings from the rack.

This DIY organizer will help keep your jewelry collection nice and neat, which makes it easier to grab the pieces you need without having to search through a tangled mess. Another benefit of this wine rack is that it allows you to display your items. It would be a stunning addition to a vanity, walk-in closet, or bedroom dresser. Consider modifying the rack so that it compliments the room you decide the place it in. This will make it one of the best jewelry organizers for your space. Although it would serve as a sparkling focal point, you are also free to store it out of sight if you prefer to keep your expensive pieces hidden.

An old wine rack makes the perfect jewelry organizer

TikTok user @redeux_style shared a video showing different ways to reuse a wine rack. The organized jewelry storage DIY is featured in the first example. As you can see, the rack really does a great job of holding all sorts of jewelry, from necklaces to bracelets. Tiny items like rings or small earrings can be set in a tray placed at the bottom of the rack, as seen above.

If you do not already have a rectangular tray to hold small jewelry, you might want to consider snagging one from Amazon. The Black Velvet Stackable Jewelry Tray by Jeteho is a great option because the velvet lining will help prevent your jewelry from getting scratched. If you would prefer a pop of color, you might want to purchase the fuchsia Valyria Velvet Empty Ring Earrings Tray Box, which is priced at $11.99.

Do not forget that you may also customize your jewelry organizer with metallic spray. This can really transform plain black wine racks like the one shown in the TikTok. The gold Rust-Oleum spray would give the organizer a more elegant feel. It is priced at under $9 on Amazon, and also comes in copper and brass shades. But, of course, feel free to use any spray paint color option you prefer if metallic doesn't suit your preferences.