How Love It Or List It's Hilary Farr Turns Wasted Above-Fridge Space Into Extra Storage

Regardless of how large or small your home is, you could probably benefit from a bit of extra kitchen storage space. The problem with this is that it often requires the installation of new cabinets that you may not have enough room for. However, did you know that you can turn a commonly overlooked section of a kitchen into additional storage space that does not take up more room? Simply install cabinets in the empty areas above and below your fridge. This is the method Hilary Farr used to transform a family's kitchen on an episode of HGTV'S "Love It or List It."

You might even be one of the lucky homeowners who already has cabinets installed in this area. If so, you are likely familiar with the many benefits. Above-the-fridge storage saves space, helps you remain organized, and allows you to store items out of the reach of children. This simple renovation is a great way to get rid of wasted kitchen space that can be put to use. It is no surprise that the family featured on "Love It or List It" seemed thrilled about this upgrade.

Benefits of adding cabinets above your fridge

In a clip of "Love It or List It" shared to the HGTV YouTube channel, Farr shows the upgraded kitchen to the homeowners. You can see that cabinets were installed above the refrigerator, beside it, and toward the bottom. The home's new kitchen layout really took advantage of all the unused space so that the family has more storage room. The cabinet upgrade, along with all of the other renovations done around the home, resulted in a total value increase of $300,000.

Another benefit of this simple upgrade is that it is not as expensive as a full cabinet installation or remodel. Premade cabinets typically cost anywhere from $100 to $300 per linear square foot. With this in mind, homeowners who will only be installing cabinets within a few feet of space will obviously pay less overall. Measure the areas where you plan to install this additional cabinet space to determine exactly how much you can expect to spend. Keep in mind that custom cabinets would be a bit pricier; they can range from $500 to $1,200 per linear square foot.