Hilary Farr's Sensible Advice For New Cabinets Will Save You Money In The Long Run

There's no doubt that a well-executed kitchen renovation can elevate the aesthetic appeal and overall value of your home. Unfortunately, renovation fails, disasters, and design faux pas are all too common due to poor planning, impractical layouts, and on-trend patterns that don't age well as the years go by. One major mistake that can wreck the look of your kitchen and plummet home resale value is failing to choose the right kitchen cabinet style for your space. But, with so many options available on the market, various trending styles to choose from, and your own opinions and preferences to consider, the question is, how do you know that you're picking the right cabinets that both reflect your style and can help your home's resale value

Thankfully, HGTV's Hilary Farr has some simple advice that can guide you in narrowing down your choices and selecting the right ones for your home. As the host of "Love It or List It" and "Tough Love With Hilary Farr," this designer's specialty is bringing homes to life through practical and beautiful renovations. Farr shared the following tip in an interview with Desert Financial Credit Union, "Make sure that the cabinetry is timeless." Adding, "High quality, low maintenance... You will get that money back when you sell." Of course, interpreting Hilary Farr's advice on what is "timeless" poses another challenge, but below we break it down and share a few tips to help you follow Farr's guidance for selecting the right cabinets so you can save money in the long term. 

How to actually find a timeless cabinet style

The term "timeless" may conjure up varying images depending on a person's unique style and preferences. But, the fact is that when it comes to kitchens, a design can be tested to see if it's truly "timeless" based on whether it has endured throughout the years while also maintaining adaptability to changing times. When selecting a cabinet style, good questions to ask are: Has the design been in vogue for more than just a few years? Is it functional? Is it adaptable to more than just one interior design style? Chances are if it doesn't meet these standards, it's not timeless. These cabinet choices will make it harder to sell your home because buyers simply won't be able to envision themselves there and may be reluctant to purchase a home with such a large and costly undertaking as cabinet replacement.

A great example of a style that meets all these requirements is matte white, flat-front or shaker cabinetry with simple, black brass horizontal pulls, a mainstay of Hillary Farr's designs. Another way to ensure you're following Farr's advice is to stay away from any trends that have recently overstayed their welcome, such as an excess of open shelving and very generic shaker-style cabinets. Similarly, you'll want to steer clear of dramatic new trends such as glossy black kitchen cabinets. Although these styles may make your heart sing now, you may tire of them as trends change, and, likely, buyers will too.

Lean toward simple, classic styles and colors if you want timeless cabinetry

If you're looking to ditch the guesswork and you need a slam-dunk "timeless" kitchen cabinet choice for improved aesthetic appeal and resale value — we've got you covered. While "timeless" can certainly include a variety of designs, there are some cabinet styles that you can never go wrong with, and others you should stay away from. For construction style, European cabinets are a smarter selection than traditional face frame cabinets for newer renovations, and many custom builders have transitioned away from building framed cabinets in favor of the European style because of its improved storage capacity and durability over time. And, when it comes to the look of the cabinet doors, you'll want to select something that matches your overall design but has widespread appeal, such as a flat panel with minimal detailing, shaker style, or slab door. 

Anything customized, ornate, and less durable is more likely to turn buyers away, such as weathered wood, overly ornate glass panels, stained glass doors, or wire mesh doors. For the best kitchen cabinet colors, white, gray, beige, and even earthy blues and greens are timeless tones. With hardware, it's wise to stick to something simple yet elegant, such as horizontal pulls and simple round knobs in brass, chrome, brushed or polished nickel, or black. For a harmonious result, you'll want to plan each of these elements in advance, noting how they look together and work with the overall style of your kitchen and home.