10 Clever Ways To Repurpose An Eyeglass Case Into Stylish Storage For Your Home

If you're always on the hunt for clever ways to repurpose old or unwanted items, we have the perfect assignment for you. With a little bit of creativity and resourcefulness, you can transform unused eyeglass cases into brand-new essentials for your home. An eyeglass case can be repurposed into a multitude of useful items, including a decorative jewelry box, sewing kit, nightstand display case, and much more. With a single eyeglass holder, you can add function, style, and freshness to your home with these genius upcycled crafts. Plus, you can save money on all kinds of items you would otherwise buy at the store, like children's school supplies and storage containers. 

Get ready to do some crafting and breathe new life into your old eyeglass case. These DIY ideas require minimal crafting experience, so you can simply have fun knowing that you will be satisfied with the results. Let's dive into 10 brilliant ways to repurpose your unused eyeglass cases into household must-haves that you will absolutely love. 

1. Transform your case into a mini emergency supply kit

An unused eyeglass case is the perfect place to store first-aid supplies. This emergency kit is just large enough for small essential items like band aids, tweezers, wipes, alcohol pads, and a few Tylenol capsules. The handheld portable container can be kept in a drawer, in the car, in a suitcase, or in small living spaces like a dorm room. You never know when you'll need emergency supplies, and with this convenient carrying case, you can always have them on hand.

2. Use it as a makeshift phone stand

If you're looking for a comfortable way to watch videos on your phone, your unused eyeglass case is an easy solution you may not have thought of. Instead of going out and buying a phone stand or ordering it online and waiting for it to arrive, you can simply prop open your eyeglass case and slide your cellphone inside. This is a clever way to give your case a new lease on life while saving some time and money.

3. Store your sewing supplies in this portable case

Get crafty by turning your eyeglass case into an all-in-one sewing supply holder. In fact, you can use your sewing skills for this DIY by giving your eyeglass case a new fabric cover with a matching pincushion that you can store inside of it. Stick some pins into the cushion and place thread and other essentials inside. Maximize storage space in your sewing supply kit by sticking adhesive magnets to the upper part of the interior, which will hold your scissors, needles, and threader.

4. Revamp your eyeglass holder into a decorative jewelry box

Unleash your inner artist with this upcycle idea. A standard eyeglass case is the perfect blank canvas to create a personalized design that showcases your creative flair and style. Use acrylic paint and stencils to give your case some color, then embellish with gems and add a shiny clasp. You can also decorate the outside of your DIY jewelry box with decoupage. Place liner fabric on the inside to safely store your necklaces and soft inserts for your rings and earrings. 

5. Upcycle eyeglass cases into playful school supplies

Save money on school supplies by turning your unused eyeglass case into a whimsical pencil box. Get crafty and transform it into a character that your kids will love. Cover the case in fuzzy fabric and stick on some matching pom-poms with googly eyes, using the eyeglass case opening as the mouth of your character. Or, use some acrylic writing paint to print your child's name on it to create a personalized touch. There is so much fun to be had with this clever DIY. 

6. Use your glasses case as a creative nightstand dish

It's a shame to let your designer sunglass case sit in a drawer unused, so why not repurpose it into a display case for your nightstand? Display all of your bedside must-haves in this makeshift tray and keep them all in one place. Plus, it's an excellent place to store your jewelry while you sleep. The contents you fill it with can be a creative process in itself. Consider curating it with a combination of items that are both decorative and practical.

7. Transform an eyeglass case into a mini manicure set

An eyeglass case is the perfect place to store your manicure supplies. If your eyeglass case is spacious enough, you can use it to store a nail file, cuticle trimmer, clippers, precision tweezers, a small pair of scissors, and even a bottle of nail polish. This is a great way to save space in your bathroom cabinets and keep all of your essentials in one place. Plus, if you like to travel with your manicure supplies, this solution will allow you to easily take it on the go. 

8. Create a cosmetics and fragrance holder

This might be one of the best ideas for the makeup lover in your home. Repurpose your eyeglass case into a handy holder for your cosmetics, fragrances, and other small essentials. Place it on your bedside table or vanity for easy access. As an upgrade, you can stick a self-adhesive mirror to the upper part of the interior and a stick-on pen loop holder to store a mini brush. Upcycle your unused eyeglass case and save space on your counters by storing your beloved beauty items all in one place.

9. Use an eyeglass case as a potpourri dish

Get creative by transforming an unused eyeglass case into a fragrant potpourri dish. Place it on top of the toilet tank or a small shelf to keep your bathroom smelling fresh. Mix your dried flowers, herbs, essential oils, and fixative of choice in a separate container, let it dry for several weeks and bake in the oven. Then transfer the mixture to your eyeglass case, which you can paint and decorate for added flair. Potpourri will add a pop of color to your space and infuse it with delicious aromas.

10. Upcycle an eyeglass case into a tech storage kit

In a busy home, it can be hard to keep track of everyday essentials such as earbuds and phone chargers. Even if you live alone, you may find yourself misplacing these items all the time. An old eyeglass case is the perfect place to store your tech. Instead of tossing your earbuds in a pocket and then forgetting where you put them, give them a proper home. These items fit perfectly inside of an eyeglass case. Plus, with this inconspicuous hiding spot, your housemates will never swipe your stuff again.