20 Beauty Room Ideas For The Makeup Lover In Your Home

There are so many makeup trends and products beauty lovers adore, but having it all pile up in your bedroom or bathroom is less than desirable. However, having a dedicated space to apply and store your makeup is a great way to keep the rest of your home clutter-free. If you don't have enough space to create an entire beauty room, you can always choose a small spot of your home, such as the corner of your bedroom, per Gemma Etc. Whatever location you choose, it's essential to ensure proper lighting, as you don't want to walk out with purple lips when you meant to apply pink lipstick. 

If a beauty room is something you've been longing for, we've found different design ideas you can take inspiration from. Your design of choice will be determined by how many products you have, as a tidy visual relies on the proper amount of storage. Take a look at how beauty lovers have created a makeup application sanctuary in their residences.

1. Wallpaper

Spice up your beauty room by introducing texture with wallpaper. The brick wallpaper here has a rough texture, which pairs well with the other wood and leafy surfaces. The mixed options have created a rustic vibe. 

2. Mirror

For a beauty room to be purposeful, you must be able to look at yourself accurately. This means having a functional mirror with excellent lighting. A large mirror with bright vanity lights will provide outstanding visual clarity to help create your perfect makeup look for the day. Avoid mirror designs, as you don't want to obscure your face.

3. Keep it intimate

Create a cozy and intimate space by designing a beauty corner in your bedroom. You can maintain a comfy vibe by introducing small ottomans, puffs, and fur rugs.

4. Storage is key

Avoid a cluttered beauty room by introducing as many storage units without taking up too much floor space. Storage is necessary to hide away items you don't use every day, while they also display the ones you most cherish. Ensure they are of similar style for a unified look.

5. Choose a color theme

Choosing a specific color to show up in your design consistently makes the process easier. If your beauty products are usually pink, choosing pink accents and complementary colors will create harmony and rhythm. 

6. Harmonious design

If your beauty room and bedroom must be in the same location, be sure to create a harmonious look. Giving them a distinct look in one space will create design chaos, so use similar colors and finishes for both functions. 

7. Organized beauty

This beauty room is perfectly organized, as it has a storage tower for specific items, such as lipstick, pencils, and other miscellaneous. Although many products are present, the space feels bright and open thanks to the reflective white surface of the table.

8. Utilize all of your space

Although this room might be small, the space is still beautifully utilized. The table covers the whole wall, providing ample tabletop space. The mirror is hanging from the wall, which keeps the table open. The floating pendants are a beautiful replacement for floor lamps, as they keep the floor space unrestricted.

9. Create an illusion

If you feel like your beauty room is cramped, adding additional mirrors will create the illusion of bigger space because the light will reflect off them and bounce throughout the room. This is doable with artificial light but best with natural lighting.

10. Plants

Add life to your beauty room by introducing a few plants. This can create a feeling of freshness and can be combined with plant-based décor. 

11. Cozy seating

Some of us like to take our time when applying makeup, so ensuring comfortable seating is essential to support continuous good posture. The fur rug is a nice touch to keep your feet comfy and warm.

12. Warm tones

Attempting a new beauty trend can be a stressful experience, so creating a design with warm tones can help create a relaxing and soothing environment. 

13. Black and chic

If black is your favorite color, then introducing it as the primary design shade for your beauty room is a great way to create a chic and timeless look.

14. Create ambiance

Set a soothing mood for your beauty room by introducing flowers, candles, and clean towels to your table. Hanging a robe by your workstation is also a nice touch and an excellent way to prep for your beauty routine.

15. Maximalism

This beauty table setup is a maximalist's dream. Combining beauty products with antique pieces, such as the distressed oval mirror, creates a balanced and beautiful design. 

16. Open shelves

Installing open shelves can be an excellent way of displaying some of your most prized possessions. This doesn't just have to be beauty products but also pictures, artwork, or anything else you believe will elevate your overall design.

17. Light and airy

Creating a beauty room with a white color palette will bring a light and airy feeling to the space. Your makeup and décor can contrast against the white shade, and this design looks best with natural lighting. The fairy lights on the open shelves are also a nice touch.

18. For two

If you're creating a beauty room for more than one person, it is best to use two of the same furniture, and this will create a cohesive space, as you don't want two designs in one area.

19. Clear furniture

If you're dealing with a small space with multiple functions, such as a location to do makeup and another for office work, adding clear furniture can help create the illusion of an open and ample space.

20. Two types of seating

If you have enough space, it's common now to have two seating locations; a working station and a more relaxed area. The open area can be made with a cozy chair, a small rug, and an ottoman to put your feet up. This can help make your beauty room multifunctional.