The 7 Beautiful Ways You Can Repurpose An Old Camera Into Unique Home Decor

If you have an old camera that hasn't captured anything but dust for a long time, you can give it a new lease on life by transforming it into a beautiful statement piece for your living space. You can use an antique or vintage camera to create beautiful and sentimental home decor that will showcase your passion for the arts in a whole new way. With a little bit of crafting and creativity, you can turn an old camera into a planter, a cozy light fixture, a charming bookshelf accessory, and much more. 

Some old items can be difficult to part with because of the special memories they hold. If that's the case for your old camera, you'll be happy to discover all of the imaginative ways that it can be reused. It can be so much fun to repurpose old or unwanted items, especially when you get to showcase your artistic flair. So, dust off your beloved old camera and bring it back into focus with these brilliant ideas.

1. Transform your vintage camera into a planter

Old cameras can be repurposed into unique plant pots for your home. Remove the interior components of the camera and use the body as a decorative planter. Consider opening the top of the camera and placing a small container inside that will hold your soil and desired fauna. Alternatively, you can use the lens of the camera for a smaller plant. It's a perfect statement piece for a home office or desktop surface. It would also make a creative homemade gift for the plant-lover in your life.

2. Adorn your old camera with flowers

Another way to breathe new life into an old film camera is to decorate it with flowers. For this, you may want to use faux florals with malleable stems so you can arrange them to your liking. Opt for elegant flowers that will enhance the vintage aesthetic of your camera, such as lily of the valley, white dahlias, and pink rambling roses. Once you are satisfied with the look, place it on your bookshelf, on your vanity, or use it as an outdoor garden ornament.

3. Use it as a cozy light fixture

Transform a thrifted vintage camera into a totally unique lighting solution. Old-timey light bulbs are a great way to enhance your camera and repurpose it into a light fixture. Incandescent light bulbs such as Edison bulbs will cast a warm golden glow over your space and the transparent glass gives it a charming look. Fasten the fixture and bulb to the lens or to the top of the camera. As you unwind for the day, this light fixture will transport you back to simpler times.

4. Place it inside of an empty picture frame

Instead of a plain old framed photo, take your wall decor to the next level by making it 3D. Install a photo frame to the wall that will complement the camera, such as a brassy antique or sleek black frame. Once your frame is set, mount the back of the camera to the wall in the center of the frame. Transform it into a gallery wall by surrounding it with framed vintage photography. Both you and your guests won't be able to stop admiring your unique vintage photo wall.

5. Hang it on the wall

Another way to transform your old camera into a beautiful and unique wall decoration is to hang it up by the strap. If you don't have a strap to use, head to your local antique or vintage store to source a strap made of high-quality leather. Give this decoration some extra flair by wrapping ivy vines around the strap. Instead of hanging your new wall decor with a nail, use an ornate hook that can bear more weight to protect your camera from potential damage.

6. Repurpose your camera into a statement bookend

Stylishly showcase your novels and hold all of your books in place by placing your vintage camera at one end of the shelf. This simple statement piece will elevate the aesthetic of your bookshelf and give your old camera some added function. If you have two cameras, you can use them as a bookend set. If your camera is too small to be used as a bookend, prop it up on a riser. This will also give it some extra weight that will keep your book collection securely in place.

7. Turn it into an art supply holder

This idea will transform your old camera into a desktop decoration that is both stylish and functional. If you're a creative that loves visual art, you can combine both passions into one by using your vintage photography camera as a paintbrush or art supply holder. Open the top and empty the interior contents, then use it as a storage container for your artistic essentials. And if you happen to get some paint splatters on the surface, that will only add to its charm.