The Timeless Piece Of Furniture Hilary Farr Thinks Every Household Should Have

It can be tempting to only follow the trends when trying to choose furniture for your household. However, this can cause you to feel like you need to constantly switch things up and keep things fresh — it becomes a never-ending cycle. At least for some of your furniture, you may want to consider choosing something that's considered timeless.

According to HGTV's Hilary Farr, a wing chair is one of the best chairs to choose if you want a timeless piece of furniture for your home. As the "Love It or List It" co-host told HuffPost, her top pick is a versatile option that will fit in just about anywhere: "A traditional wing chair, with turned legs and brass rollers, but it's low slung with a high back and extra width. By playing with scale, the chair has a bit of edge, and will look great with any design style."

Also known as a wingback chair, these chairs feature stunning appearances that can add a sense of luxuriousness to any home. These chairs tend to have an oversized look that helps them stand out and become an accent chair that's a focal point in a room. They're also a perfect choice if you're decorating your home with a mixture of styles.

Where to place a wingback chair in the home

Despite being a chair-and-a-half that is a bit on the larger side, it's not hard to find a place for one of Hilary Farr's recommended chairs. This is because they look great and can work well with just about any other furniture you have, in just about any room of the home, and in rooms with either modern or traditional designs. 

Wingback chairs are most commonly added to the living room, but there are many other areas in the home where you can add them to great effect as well. A wingback chair can be perfect for beautifying a neglected nook or reading room or can add a stylish and luxurious feel to a dining room table. They can even be placed in a large bedroom. The options are endless. Also, because wingback chairs are relatively small compared to other furniture items such as couches and sofas, it's not difficult to find a great place for them.

For even more stylishness, consider pairing two together wherever you decide to place them. For example, placing two of these wingback chairs in front of a fireplace or using two to frame a window in your living room can be great options that will make this timeless chair look even more stunning in the home.