Key Design Elements To Give Your Bathroom A Mediterranean Inspired Look

A bathroom that bears a crisp and clean look yet still has a decorative and homey feel is the best of both worlds. It's stylish without being overly pristine, where it can seem too picturesque to use. This isn't a new interior design style, but the classic Mediterranean look. Pops of color, natural materials, warm tones, and decorative tile are key elements to give your bathroom this southern European aesthetic.

The Mediterranean interior design style pulls from countries like Greece, Italy, Morocco, and Spain, which surround the Mediterranean Sea. The color scheme, textures, and materials of this design feature the natural look found in the environment. The style plays off of nature to create an inviting atmosphere that is airy, sophisticated, and charming. It's the perfect look for a cozy primary bathroom or polished guest suite. And it's simple to transform your space to get the coastal look. You don't need to gut the entire room. Easy decor swaps and a new coat of paint can recreate your bathroom and transport you to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Creating a color scheme for your Mediterranean bathroom

The best color palette for Mediterranean bathrooms includes warm neutrals and earthy tones. These colors combine well in any space, matching your current bathroom fixtures, lighting, and furnishings. For a vibrant pop of color, you have an array of blues, greens, yellows, red, and oranges to choose from. Decor like curtains, towels, and artwork are great places to incorporate the striking shades. In an authentic Mediterranean-inspired design, nature is the inspiration for all the hues, so don't try to slip in purple or cool gray for fun. You won't spot those shades on a walk around the Mediterranean Sea.

The walls are usually adorned in a stark or warm white. The white walls keep the design clean and airy, which plays into the key details of this southern European look. Although this interior design style uses a lot of neutrals, it is far from visually boring thanks to tile — bold tile is a must. You can incorporate it on your bathroom floor, shower, or walls. Colorful mosaics and terracotta stone are the most popular look in this aesthetic. Decorative tile with texture and geometric patterns will bring your bathroom to life. Plus, it flows seamlessly with natural decor — another key element in this interior style.

Bring in indoor-outdoor living

A major part of Mediterranean interior design is bringing the outdoors indoors. You want your Mediterranean bathroom to be reminiscent of the sea, rocky coastline, and sand. Incorporating natural elements is one way to do this. Wood, wrought iron, and stone are primary materials you'll find in Mediterranean-inspired styles. They all fare well for bathroom fixtures and decor. Try a wooden vanity, stone sink, or iron-colored faucet to represent natural elements and match other features in the design, like the terracotta floors and crisp white walls.

Another way to implement Mother Nature is with sunlight and plants. The more natural light, the better. Of course, adding a skylight or extra window isn't always feasible. However, placing mirrors around the bathroom to reflect the sunlight coming in can brighten up your space and give it a coastal vibe. Adding greenery is also an easy upgrade. Moisture-loving houseplants are perfect for your bathroom and help bring the outdoors in. For even less upkeep, you can fake the interior garden with artificial plants. Species found around the Mediterranean sea, like lavender and eucalyptus, will definitely be on theme. You'll get the coastal look no matter where you are in the world.