The Best Outdoor Throw Pillows From IKEA To Brighten Up Your Patio For Summer

If you're looking for tips to brighten up your outdoor space this summer, IKEA has your back. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to add a cheerful vibe to your patio is by decorating with vibrant outdoor throw pillows, and IKEA has a few extra-bright options. Collections include the GULLBERGSÖ, TOFTÖ, and limited edition BRÖGGAN cushions or covers in energetic shades of green and yellow with patterns like simple stripes or cartoony designs.

If you're going to purchase outdoor throw pillows from IKEA, keep in mind that most of the options are actually covers, which you can place inserts inside. Therefore, if you choose a cover (or multiple), ensure you also purchase the INNER 20-inch by 20-inch pillows, which retail for $4 each at IKEA. This item is made of recycled polyester and can be thrown into the washing machine on a normal cycle and then dried in the dryer with the tumble setting. However, keep in mind that some of the comments on IKEA's website say that this insert is a bit flat. So, you may want to try placing two in each cover to bulk up your pillows or opt for the INNER 26-inch by 26-inch pillows ($8 at IKEA) for your 20-by-20 pillow covers to fill them out. Now, let's dive into some of these IKEA options that will surely liven up your patio space.

The GULLBERGSÖ and TOFTÖ options

IKEA's GULLBERGSÖ collection comes with some notable benefits. Made out of at least 90% recycled polyester, these pillow covers can be washed in the washing machine, so they're easy to keep clean. They're also said to be resistant to fading, so even if placed in the sun, they should maintain their electrifying colors. Several design options are available, including a cover with thick stripes in yellow and white that could play well into a spring bumble bee theme. They also have a playful floral design that features shades of green, yellow, and gray. Both of these options retail for $5.99 each. Another cover has many thin stripes in just about every shade in the rainbow and retails for $4.99. Some comments on this specific product said the fabric was stiff but durable. Finally, you could choose a white and bright green striped option that costs $4.99.

This retailer also offers the medium green TOFTÖ pillow cover, which would add some texture to your space with its woven look. At $15, this is a higher-priced item, but it's for good reason, as the crocheted material is handmade. It's also said to be fade-resistant, so UV rays shouldn't affect the color. The only concern with this choice is that debris, like sticks, leaves, and dirt, could get stuck in the woven material, per a comment on IKEA's website.

The BRÖGGAN collection

Finally, IKEA also offers the limited edition BRÖGGAN collection, which includes some pillow covers, back cushions, and a floor cushion. The pillow covers feature lively shades of yellow and green in either a polka-dot pattern or a fun pineapple slice design for $5.99 each. Or, if you don't want to purchase a cover and would rather buy a full cushion, IKEA offers thick striped pink and green or yellow and white options for $9.99. These are rectangular and are supposed to provide back support. The material is also repellent to both water and UV rays. Just like with the GULLBERGSÖ collection, these options are made out of at least 90% recycled polyester. Finally, IKEA sells a large square floor cushion in an animated green shade with a yellow handle for $19.99. This product has a cover that can easily be removed with its zipper enclosure.

Once you've chosen your outdoor pillows, you'll need to arrange them on your patio. How you display them will depend on your specific furniture items. If you have a large sofa, consider layering pillows with similar colors but different patterns together. Those with individual chairs could buy two identical cushions to create a cohesive look. Finally, ensure you keep your outdoor cushions and pillows in tip top shape so your patio always looks its best. If you want to improve the look of your patio even more, check out these other brilliant IKEA hacks to spruce up your outdoor space.