Grab A Dollar Tree Pool Noodle & An Old Hanger To DIY The Cutest Door Decor

DIY types are always looking for ways to decorate their space, especially since you can start with a basic idea and tweak it to make it your own. Your front door can tell people a lot about you even before they enter your home. Whether it is flanked by lush plants, painted an unconventional color, or decorated with a stunning wreath, this door can make a statement. If you're looking for your next project, you may have the necessary supplies on hand to stylize this entrance.

One old wire hanger, a pool noodle, and faux flowers are all you need to create a cute wreath for your front door. While this project is perfect for spring, as demonstrated on TikTok, it's an idea that works year-round. Fans of quick and easy DIYs will love this, as will anyone looking for a customizable way to make their front door stand out.

Customize this door decor to suit your taste

TikTok user kelsimsavage shows how easy it is to DIY a spring wreath for the front door. She unravels a wire hanger, leaving the hook intact. Inserting the wire into the pool noodle's center makes it easy to shape the noodle into a circle. Once the two hanger ends are reconnected, it's time to add faux flowers with stems, like these fake hydrangeas or gerber daisies from Dollar Tree. For a full look and to hide the hanger hook as much as possible, use as many flowers as you can. Once your pool noodle is decorated, the hook easily fits a wreath hanger on the door. 

With so many floral options, you can customize this look to suit your home and personal aesthetic. Maybe you want all white flowers to fit a modern farmhouse theme. Or, you prefer dark blooms that match your industrial decor. It's simple to switch out flowers depending on the look you're after, but because the supplies are relatively inexpensive (especially if you already have old wire hangers and pool noodles on hand), you can create multiple wreaths and change them out as needed. Faux flowers with stems are easy to stick into the pool noodle's foam, but if you have stemless blooms, use a hot glue gun to attach them.

An idea that works for all seasons

The beauty of this DIY wreath lies not only in its customization for your taste, but that it also works for every season of the year. In the spring, use light-colored florals and greenery. Summer may call for more vibrant colors, like these faux sunflowers at Amazon. Fall is perfect for oranges and reds, while pale blue, white, and cream will fit in with a winter theme. 

Holidays and special occasions offer even more options. Red berries or poinsettias from Amazon are exactly what you'll want for Christmas. A pool noodle can also be used with red, white, and blue flower bushes from Dollar Tree for a patriotic Fourth of July wreath. If October 31 is your favorite day (or night) of the year, why not create a festive Halloween wreath, using orange and black flowers, ribbons, and fake spider webs in your pool noodle? Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter — the possibilities are endless. So gather your supplies and get ready to make your own statement.