Use A Pool Noodle To DIY A Stunning Piece Of Bohemian-Inspired Wall Art

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Have you fallen in love with the pool noodle trends that are taking over the internet, and social media in particular? Who knew you could turn pool noodles into patriotic wreaths or provide organized jewelry storage? And while all of the clever ways you can use them continue to keep the trend afloat (pun intended), it might be this macrame DIY that sells you on crafting with the giant foam floats. By simply adding some craft wire and macrame rope, you can create chic designs that can be hung anywhere in your house, and which will likely cost you less than buying a smaller version from a boutique store.

It's understandable that people might look at a pool noodle and think: How can this become a work of art? While some are crafty enough to see potential in anything, envisioning a macrame sculpture could seem like a stretch. However, this DIY is not only easy but great for crafters and non-crafters alike. The fun part when using noodles to decorate is that they really can become art — you just need the inspiration, and this is definitely something worth trying! If you've been looking for ways to incorporate macrame into your home, add this project to the list!

Macrame your pool noodle

For your supplies, you just need to gather crafting wire, macrame rope, and a pool noodle. You can use multiple noodles once you decide on a shape or design, so head to your local Dollar Tree, Target, or Walmart, and grab a few inexpensive floats. You can find jumbo macrame cord online, like this Amazon option, which also comes in different colors. If you want to stick to a more traditional creation, the white color would be your best pick. Opt for a thicker craft wire which will allow you to manipulate your noodle into the desired shape.

Thread the wire through your first pool noodle to mold it into the design you want. You can create wavy shapes or a circle, or curve them. Depending on where you plan to hang them, you can get as creative as you want; just ensure it will fit on your wall without being too large or crammed. Easy designs include rainbows or waved noodles stacked on top of one another, but you can get as wild as you want! Once you have your design, begin wrapping the macrame cord around the noodle, making sure to cover all of the foam so that no color shows through.

Add embellishments to finish off

Once you've covered your noodle(s), it's important to secure the rope or cord with a strong adhesive, so either use a hot glue gun, or purchase craft glue like E6000. This will keep the macrame in place. The ends of your pool toy can be decorated with excess cord that you've cut to make pom poms or tassels. Just trim some existing macrame rope to your preferred length, or purchase a spool of twisted rope and pull the threads apart for slimmer strands. Glue them with the same adhesive you used on the rest of the design inside the holes at the end of each noodle. 

It might help to secure the tassels together with a piece of cord or string before inserting into the holes. You can also add other decorations like smaller pom poms, cloth balls, or embellishments to the noodles, depending on the aesthetic and design you chose. Otherwise, you can add a nail to your chosen wall and hook a small piece of the macrame cord onto it, or glue on a hook to the back to keep it up.