Why You Should Consider A Euro Top Mattress For All Its Benefits

When you think about what it takes to get a good night's sleep, you'll almost certainly think of a few things, but one stands out above the rest: your mattress. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 93% of people believe a good quality mattress is important to good sleep. So if you find yourself tossing and turning, it's possible you haven't found the right mattress for you just yet. If you're on the hunt for better sleep and want to choose the best mattress possible, you should consider a Euro top mattress. 

Unlike a lot of mattresses on the market, Euro tops are unique in their selling points. Other mattresses generally differentiate themselves in their base: spring loaded or foam-filled mattresses are the center of much mattress debate. Euro tops mattresses can contain either, because they're special thanks to their, you guessed it, tops! Euro tops include a layer of plush stuffing that is sewn flush with the mattress' base, making for a fluffy, plush, and supportive top layer that can make sleep come easily. 

The benefits of Euro top mattresses

If you find yourself waking up feeling achey or like you have to crawl out of a body-sized hole in your mattress to get out, you might be lacking support. Euro top mattresses offer this with extra padding. The padding used in a Euro top layer can vary greatly from mattress to mattress, but is often a mixture of materials including memory and latex foam, wool, and cotton. Foam provides more firm support, while wool and cotton are much softer, pillowy insulators. 

Euro top mattresses are ideal for side and back sleepers who need gentle support on the hips and shoulders, as mattresses without extra padding can often feel hard and unyielding, leading to discomfort. Anyone looking for more pressure relief from their mattress might benefit from a Euro top. Additionally, because they are sewn flush with the mattress base, many find that Euro tops offer optimal support all the way out to the edge of the mattress, while other mattresses are too soft and cushiony on the perimeter. 

Another key benefit of this design is that is looks very sleek, as the topper doesn't stand up like a big cloud, which makes for cleaner lines all around. When you're trying to make your bed look five-star hotel quality, you want everything to be as flush and even as possible.

Euro top versus mattress toppers

But wait, don't pillow top mattresses already offer these benefits? Yes, and no. Euro tops and pillow tops differ slightly, with Euro tops sewn flush with the mattress, and pillow tops sewn on top of the mattress. This may not seem like a huge discrepancy, but it makes a difference. For one, regular pillow top mattresses look a bit like they're sporting a sewn-on mattress topper, because that's basically what they are. This makes the pillow top layer look like a round, well, pillow, set on top of the mattress, and is sometimes accompanied by a thick, rolled seam, which can be a bit bulky and lumpy, especially once it's under a few layers of sheets. 

In general, pillow tops are a bit softer, especially around the edges. Over time, the lack of firmness can make for an unpleasantly uneven surface, which is less of an issue with the Euro top thanks to the integrated, firm edges of the topper. For this reason, Euro tops are broadly thought of as more durable and longer-lasting than traditional pillow top mattresses.