Why You Should Stop Buying Scented Toilet Paper Immediately

Have you ever walked down the toilet paper aisle and thought about how nice it would be to have toilet paper that makes your bathroom a bit more fragrant? Scented toilet paper may seem to fit this — it can be found at most big box stores and it might seem like a smart addition to your bathroom paper products. But the truth is far from pretty.

Essentially, scented toilet paper is regular toilet paper that's been infused with various fragrances during the manufacturing process, or the toilet paper has an infused roll in the middle, allowing the scent to permeate outward. The fragrances are made up of hundreds, if not thousands, of chemicals. While these chemicals are what give scented toilet paper that pleasant smell, they unfortunately do a lot more than that. The truth is that these perfumed bathroom tissues can cause significant issues for your toilet system. You should avoid them if you want to keep your septic tank healthy and avoid costly issues, such as backups and system failures that can arise from the chemicals infused in that paper.

What problems can scented toilet paper cause?

Why does scented toilet paper damage your septic system? Well, your septic system is a delicate balance of bacteria and enzymes that work to break down waste. When you introduce scented toilet paper into the mix, the additional chemicals and fragrances can disrupt this balance. The result? Your septic system has to work harder to break down the waste, leading to plumbing issues, clogs and backups over time.

Instead of scented toilet paper, choose regular, unscented varieties. Regular toilet paper is designed to break down more easily and is less likely to cause issues for your septic system. Another great alternative is using a bidet, as bidets not only reduce the amount of toilet paper you use, but they are also provide a more hygienic and environmentally-friendly option. By making these simple switches, you can protect your septic system and avoid costly repairs.