The Store That'll Save You More Money On Toilet Paper: Costco Vs. Walmart

You want to be certain you are receiving a good deal and spending less when you purchase toilet paper, even if that means buying in bulk. Two great places for this are Costco and Walmart. But which one has better prices? 

Whether Costco or Walmart has better prices on toilet paper depends on the quality of product you want to use and how much you're willing to buy. Walmart tends to have more options among house brands and lesser-known brands, which typically have a lower starting price. But nearly all products at Costco are available in bulk sizes, which often saves money over buying smaller sizes at Walmart when you compare the price per unit. 

Our calculations showed that Costco is cheaper than Walmart for both bargain and premium toilet paper nearly every time. But one thing to keep in mind before we break down the exact prices for toilet paper is that you must purchase a membership at Costco before you can shop there, while Walmart is open to anyone. Costco memberships cost either $60 or $120 per year. 

Bargain brand toilet paper prices

Costco's house brand is Kirkland, and the bulk retailer offers a package of 30 rolls of two-ply Kirkland toilet paper for $23.49. Walmart's house brand is Great Value, and Walmart has a package of 12 rolls of two-ply Great Value toilet paper for $9.98. The Great Value brand offers 380 sheets per roll, providing 4,560 sheets, at a price of 22 cents per 100 sheets. The Kirkland brand also offers 380 sheets per roll for 11,400 sheets per package at a price of 21 cents per 100 sheets. Costco is (just barely) cheaper for buying house-brand toilet paper.

Keep in mind that when comparing the prices for toilet paper, we did not include the annual membership cost at Costco. We didn't calculate any sales taxes or shipping charges either. The prices we sourced came from the online sites for Costco and Walmart, so you may find slightly different prices when shopping in-person at your local store.

Prices for premium name brand toilet paper

For those who prefer premium brands, let's compare Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper at the two retailers. At Walmart, 12 rolls of Charmin costs $14.97 (2,904 total sheets), while its price is $29.99 for 30 rolls at Costco (6,600 total sheets). At Walmart, Charmin toilet paper costs 52 cents per 100 sheets, while it's only 45 cents per 100 sheets at Costco. 

If you're interested in 100% recycled toilet paper, Walmart and Costco both carry the Seventh Generation brand. They both carry the same size of product as well, which makes the comparison easy. The Seventh Generation 24-roll package at Walmart costs $30.07, while it's $26.99 at Costco. Each package has 5,760 sheets of toilet paper, meaning the product costs 52 cents per 100 sheets at Walmart, and 47 cents per 100 sheets at Costco. For premium toilet paper, Costco is still the best place to buy — just add it to the list of the home products you should be buying there!