How To Tell If Your Hoosier Cabinet Is Authentic And If It's Worth Anything

If you are lucky enough to have a Hoosier cabinet, you have a highly sought-after antique item on your hands. Hoosier cabinets have a rich history rooted in functionality and versatility. These cabinets that originated in Indiana and were used for kitchen storage before built-in cabinets gained popularity. While they were made by the Hoosier Manufacturing Company, among other furniture makers, the term Hoosier cabinet refers to the style of the furniture. It's worth evaluating whether your Hoosier cabinets are authentic as they might be worth a pretty penny. Dr. Lori Verderame, who is an Antiques Appraiser at, explained what you need to look out for. While speaking exclusively to House Digest, she revealed that you can search for an "enamel or zinc baking surface, interior shelves, wooden panel doors," and other design features to find out if you have real Hoosier cabinets in your home.

In addition to those features, Dr. Lori shared that you should try to identify "casters on feet for easy movement around the kitchen, tambor doors, kitchen accessories like [a] printed grocery list, rotating spice caddy, measurement conversions, glass jars, flour sifter, etc." These are all signs that you might be in possession of an authentic antique Hoosier piece. Now that you know how to identify one of these antique cabinets, let's dive into why they are worth so much money in the first place.

Why Hoosier cabinets are so valuable

Dr. Lori explained why Hoosier cabinets are so highly sought after while speaking exclusively to House Digest. "High functionality in a busy kitchen is why Hoosier cabinets were and remain very popular pieces of vintage furniture," she shared. "It is also a versatile piece of kitchen furniture. Unlike other pieces of kitchen furniture like china cabinets, hutches, and corner cupboards, Hoosier cabinets are great for storage as well as providing areas of workspace for chefs, cooks, and bakers."

For those curious about a fair price for this authentic vintage furniture, Dr. Lori shared what to expect. "In today's market, Hoosier cabinets from the early 20th century have retail values ranging from $800 to $1,600 depending on condition, accessories, and materials," she explained. As you can see, these famous furniture pieces are quite valuable. If you purchased a Hoosier cabinet or recently discovered that you already own one, it's up to you to decide whether to keep it or sell it.

Hoosier cabinets are rarely fake

According to Dr. Lori, there aren't a ton of fake Hoosier cabinets out there. This may come as a relief to those who are worried about how to identify inauthentic antique furniture. Keep in mind that these cabinets were made by a variety of manufacturers. "Hoosier cabinets were manufactured by many firms following the design lead of the Hoosier Manufacturing Company," Dr. Lori explained while speaking exclusively to House Digest.

"Other firms that made Hoosier cabinets include McDougall, Coppes Bros. & Zook, Sellers, Campbell Smith and Ritchie, among others." Even if your cabinet was not manufactured by the Hoosier Manufacturing Company, it may still be real. Surprisingly affordable Hoosier cabinets that you find online or at antique shops could be authentic as well. A low price does not necessarily indicate that your Hoosier piece may not be an authentic antique. "If it is underpriced, the seller may not be aware that they have an actual Hoosier cabinet," Dr. Lori shared.