No Entryway Closet? That's No Problem Thanks To This Customizable IKEA Item

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When you and your family finally enter your home after a long day, an entryway closet makes it easy to store shoes, coats, and other wardrobe items out of the way. It is a super convenient alternative to transporting these pieces all the way to your bedroom. Entryway closets are also perfect for those with little ones who might otherwise remove shoes and jackets and toss them on the floor upon entering the house. You do not have to spend thousands to add this storage item to your home. The IKEA PAX system can be used to build the perfect entryway closet.

One of the most impressive perks of this storage solution is that it is customizable. You can mix and match pieces to build a storage closet that fits your space, no matter the size of your entryway area. As with many IKEA pieces, the PAX system comes in neutral colors. If you prefer to make a statement with your storage furniture, you can use paint, wood paneling, stencils, or any other customization tools to add your own personal touch to your entryway closet.

The IKEA PAX system builds the perfect entryway closet

If you are looking for inspiration for how to mix and match or customize pieces from the IKEA PAX system to build your very own entryway closet, take a look at the Instagram video posted by @ikeacreativeideas. In the clip, you can see that the content creator used a few of the system's wardrobe pieces to create a closet that fits snugly within the entryway space. The closet was transformed from a plain white color to a dark green statement furniture piece with wood paneling and a narrow body-length mirror.

To figure out which IKEA PAX system pieces to mix and match for your own entryway closet, you may want to start out by identifying the area it will be placed in. Take measurements of that space to determine how much square footage you have to work with. Next, select pieces that fit within that space and meet your storage needs. The PAX / HASVIK is a great option if you have enough room to accommodate it. This wardrobe piece includes two sliding doors, shelving, a clothing rack, and more. These features will make it easier to organize your hall closet. It is priced at $690. Alternatively, the PAX / MEHAMN/AULI is a bit more decorative as it features stunning glass mirror doors, and it costs $835.

Decorate your IKEA PAX entryway closet

If you would like to decorate pieces from the IKEA PAX system to better suit your home's aesthetic, consider getting creative with fun paint colors and decorative paneling. As far as painting over the storage pieces, keep in mind that the IKEA PAX collection is mostly made of particle board. To paint particle board, you will need to lightly sand it, apply primer, and use an oil-based enamel paint. This is the trick to painting IKEA furniture's difficult surfaces. Rust-Oleum has a line of oil-based enamel paint that comes in a variety of colors. Lowe's sells this product for around $48 per gallon can.

It's easy to find wood paneling for your IKEA PAX entryway closet if you would like to create a look that resembles the one shown in the Instagram video posted by @ikeacreativeideas. Home Depot sells similar paneling for only $15.98 per piece. You can use wood stain to make it darker. The Varathane wood stain in Dark Walnut might be a good option, and it's sold on Amazon for $8.47. However, you can also snag wood stain from Home Depot if you prefer. Finally, you can purchase the perfect full-length mirror to add to your entryway closet if you select pieces that do not already include one. Home Depot sells an 18 x 68-inch tall frameless mirror that would work well for this project.