The Versatile Coffee Table Trend That Goes Well With Any Style

What is more luxurious than a cascading waterfall in the tropics? Perhaps one in your home. Unfortunately, a waterfall in the middle of your living room isn't feasible, but getting the clean, sleek look of flowing water is. A waterfall coffee table is the answer to your interior design dreams. The style of the tabletop flows seamlessly down to the legs, creating a table that is beautiful from all angles. These pieces are stylish, trendy, and bring a chic touch to any space.

This trend isn't just in the living room. The waterfall countertops feature is also turning heads and is a popular look in luxury kitchens. It's the perfect balance of grandeur and simplicity that makes the waterfall design so noteworthy. And a coffee table is an easy way to incorporate this statement piece in your home. There are two prominent waterfall coffee tables designs — rectangular and curved. Both are stunning, but add different waves of depth and character to your space.

Styles of waterfall coffee tables

Waterfall coffee tables complement living room style ideas from Art Deco to rustic farmhouse. That is because the design is simple and sleek, allowing it to blend in with the space. Plus, you can get a waterfall table in various materials like concrete, wood, acrylic, and metal to match the room's aesthetic. Now, the question is: rectangular or curved edges?

Curved waterfall tables have rounded edges that form an arch silhouette. The uninterrupted design creates an intentional artistic piece. It is a statement coffee table that adds softness and fun to the living room. It can be a gorgeous contrast to boxy couches or chunky consoles. Plus, curved waterfall coffee tables offer one less hazard to worry about with your little ones or accident-prone friends. On the other hand, a rectangular waterfall table has sharp 90-degree angles forming a bridge. It has a more serious and traditional aesthetic. Even if waterfall coffee tables are no longer trending, this classic angular look won't fade out of style.

A key feature to waterfall tables is the slim, minimalist design. It is not the best option if you want furniture with storage. Some pieces have a single open shelf below the tabletop, and underneath there is also room for stylish baskets. However, leaving the space below empty emphasizes the sleek design of the table. The negative space creates openness and cleanliness. Knowing how to decorate your coffee table, so as not to clutter the surface can also help highlight the minimalist design.