Stop Putting Rayon Clothing In The Dryer & Do This Instead To Prevent Shrinking

If you were to take a look at the tags inside of each clothing item in your wardrobe, you would likely discover that you own a few pieces made of rayon. This semi-synthetic fabric is smooth and slick to the touch, somewhat similar to the texture of silk. Rayon is made of cellulose fibers that allow it to be manufactured to mimic a variety of different fabrics, such as cotton or satin. Although this material is commonly used in clothes, it is a bit tricky to wash. Unfortunately, rayon can shrink when exposed to heat or water. Rather than tossing rayon clothing into the dryer, hang it to dry or dry clean it instead to avoid causing damage.

These safer methods can help prevent your rayon fabrics from shrinking due to heat exposure or prolonged water exposure. Dry cleaning does not require the use of excessive heat or water, and hanging your rayon items to dry protects them from the high heat emitted by a dryer. Regardless of the drying method you choose to use, it is still important to read the care instructions in the tag attached to each of your rayon clothing pieces. This also will help you avoid some of the common laundry mistakes that cause clothes to shrink.

Dry clean your rayon or hang it to dry instead

During the dry cleaning process, clothes are washed in a dry cleaning machine using a special cleaning solvent. Rather than the clothes being placed in a dryer, the solvent is vaporized and the clothes are steamed to remove wrinkles. This process is free of both water and the type of excessive heat clothes are exposed to in a dryer. As a result, it is a much safer option for your rayon clothing items. Consider dropping your rayon wardrobe pieces off at your local dry cleaners as needed. Just be sure to remove your clothing from the plastic dry cleaning bags once you return home.

The key to drying rayon clothing safely at home is to simply hang each piece to dry after you have hand washed them. To hand wash these delicate clothing items, start out by spot treating any stains you see. Next, fill a bucket, sink, or tub with cool water and detergent. Remember that heat may cause rayon to shrink, so avoid using warm or hot water. Next, use your hands to gently wash each clothing item. Finally, rinse everything out and hang it to dry.

How to safely machine wash rayon and other care tips

If you really aren't a fan of hand washing your laundry and would prefer to avoid spending money on dry cleaning, you can also place your rayon clothing in your washing machine. However, keep in mind that this is not the safest option. You will need to take a few extra precautions to ensure the items do not shrink. Opt for the delicate cycle when washing rayon pieces in a machine. Make sure to use only cool water, too.

Consider placing your clothing in a mesh bag for a bit of extra protection against agitation that can cause rayon to wrinkle. Lastly, hang your laundry to dry rather than transferring it from the washing machine to the dryer. Besides avoiding dryers, you can also protect your rayon clothing by ironing it on low rather than high heat. You can make this process even safer by using a heat-safe cloth between the iron and your clothing items. This way, the iron does not come into direct contact with the rayon fabric.