Dollar Tree Items That Can Be Easily Repurposed To Declutter Mason Jar Lids

Mason jars wear many hats. From food storage to beverage container to air freshener, these reusable glass containers with metal lids are a classic staple whose uses are only limited by your imagination. However, with a bountiful supply of Mason jars also comes an unruly, rolling collection of metal rings and separate lids that are a bear to store. Luckily, social network visionaries have come up with ingenious solutions based on Dollar Tree finds. For as little as $1.25, you can solve your Mason jar ring storage woes while still keeping them easy to access.


My canning jar lids were filling up two boxes. When I was at Dollar Tree a few days ago I saw these paper towel holders and decided to try using them for storage. So far so good! 👍🏻 #dollartreehacks #storagehacks #dollartreestorage #canningtiktok #canningstorage #canningjarlids #canningseason #homesteadhacks #cheapstorage #cheapstorageideas #dollartreeprojects

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There are so many options: Fill your drawers or cabinets without fuss by lining up same-size lids and rings in rectangular organizers, create a chain of rings with a carabiner and cord or a bungee strap, or take advantage of underused vertical space on your pantry shelves with the help of a paper towel holder. With these cheap products, you'll see no more tumbling Mason jar rings every time you open a kitchen cabinet.

Box 'em up!

While there's nothing revolutionary about using a box to store things, it's the way you use them that's special. Rectangular drawer organizers from Dollar Tree are made to fit standard kitchen drawers, no measuring needed. Jar rings lined up vertically one next to another in a storage box can't roll away and are easy to grab from a nearby drawer. If you regularly preserve food in Mason jars or use them daily for other reasons, stock the drawer nearest to your work space with a drawer organizer or two for quick access. But how do you stop the organizer from sliding inside the drawer? Add one more item to your shopping basket with the inexpensive Dollar Tree solution that keeps drawer organizers in place.

Having separate boxes for wide-mouthed and small-mouthed rings will have you winning the storage game. Although they're not safe to reuse for canning, you can reuse lids for other purposes that don't require an air-tight seal. Have same-size lids and rings in their own dedicated drawer organizers. Using the same method, you can rein in overflowing water bottle lids, small silicone food savers, seed sprouting lids, and more.

You can also carve out a spot in a cabinet or your pantry for some translucent plastic storage boxes from Dollar Tree. Reserve one container for each kind of Mason jar accessory if you need to. Stacked up in a corner of a shelf, they'll be ready to grab at a moment's notice.

Fill some dead air

Pretty much everyone wants to know how to create more pantry storage. Take a glance at your own pantry. On at least one shelf, there's probably several inches of unused space loitering above your stored goods. Seize this wasted space and store upwards. Hanging and vertical solutions free up shelf space for an efficient, less-cluttered space.

Wire paper towel holders from Dollar Tree earn first place for keeping jar rings in place. Just grab a ring as you need it and go. This method is ideal if you're doing pressure or water-bath canning. Once your rings are sterilized and waiting to seal up your jars, they stay clean and within reach stacked up on a paper towel holder.

If you don't use your jars very often, stringing up and hanging your surplus rings will keep them out of the way. Get yourself some removable hooks and a bungee cord, run the bungee cord through the Mason jar rings, and hang the two ends of the cord on either one wall hook (to create a circle) or two wall hooks (to make a horizontal line). If you can't find bungee cords at your local Dollar Tree, grab a couple of carabiners and lightweight braided rope. Cut a length of rope a few inches longer than your ring storage needs. Tie each end to a carabiner, string on your jar rings, and hang on one or two wall hooks.