This Fizzy Drink Is The Key To Easily Unscrewing A Rusted Screw

If you're working on a project and discover a screw you need to remove has rusted into place, the clever solution for a stuck screw is already in your pantry. Surprisingly, Coca-Cola is capable of getting rid of rust because of the phosphoric acid it contains. While some online blogs claim that the carbonation helps to rub the rust away as well, there's not much scientific evidence of this; however, phosphoric acid has been shown to get rid of rust by changing the chemical into another that's easier to remove. Additionally, this same acid is also used in commercial rust removers.

While the iconic soda does have phosphoric acid in it and a pH level around 2.6, which is rather acidic, it may not be as strong as traditional rust removers. Because of this, Coca-Cola could take a little longer to help you remove a rusted screw, but it's a great option in a pinch or if you want to avoid using strong chemicals.

Unscrewing a rusted screw with Coca-Cola

First, you'll want to grab a can of this popular soda from your fridge or pantry. Now, you can pour the Coke directly over the stuck, rusted screw and allow the acid to begin working against the rust. You might also try to spray the soda onto the screw, getting it as soaked as possible. Wait for at least ten minutes — or as long as you can. The longer you wait, the more time the acid can take to work its magic. If the screw is still very stuck, you might try applying more Coke and waiting a bit longer. If you can see some rust around the screw, you might try to rub it off as well with aluminum foil.

This should help to start changing the rust, making it easier to scrape off, and you could try unscrewing it now to see if it budges. If not, carefully tap it with a hammer to try to knock some of the rust off the screw. This surprising way you can use Coca-Cola around the house might just help you remove a rusted screw easily, as long as you have a bit of patience.

Why this fizzy drink can remove rust

It may seem strange that something you drink could pull rust off a screw, but phosphoric acid can be rather powerful. Instead of dissolving the rust, like some other acids, phosphoric acid causes a chemical reaction that changes the rust, making it easier to scrub or wash off. Additionally, 2004 study published by Corrosion Science proved that phosphoric acid can convert rust.

Though there isn't much reliable scientific research that Coca-Cola itself will remove rust, there is a lot of evidence that one of its ingredients can. Even the company's website asserts that although its soda is capable of getting rid of corrosion and rust, it's best for drinking. While a can of Coke can help you with unscrewing rusted screws, there will likely still be some rust on them when you get them out. Because the soda does not dissolve the rust, you'll need to scrub and clean the metal after applying the soda to truly remove it. You can also soak the screws in the soda again after you get them out to help loosen the rust further. This easy trick removes rust from your gardening tools as well, and should work with any rusted metal surface.