Why Cane Cabinets Are The Modern Update Your Kitchen Needs

Paint is a very simple and easy way to refresh a kitchen. Beyond the walls, other surfaces like the dining table, chairs, and cabinets can be transformed with a fresh coat. However, there are other options available if you don't want to go that route and would like to try something more unexpected. One approach to updating cabinets without paint is to make a change to the doors. By switching out the hardware or adding a new material like glass, wallpaper, or cane to the front, you can quickly give your cabinet doors a new look. We think the cane idea can be the modern update your kitchen needs because it's simple, stylish, timeless, and definitely not one you see often.

You can update your kitchen in many different ways — it just depends on how much money, time, and effort you want to put into it. You could get an all-new matching set with a range hood, fridge, and dishwasher to really modernize the space and make it more elegant, but that could easily run you about $20,000. However, updating your cabinets with cane webbing does not have to be expensive at all, as there are different ways to incorporate this trend.

The trend of cane in interior design

Cane is the final product of plant fibers that have been woven to create a thicker material. It is typically made with rattan. These days, it has taken over the indoor and outdoor spaces and you can find it installed into chairs, shelves, lampshades, and headboards, always adding a natural look to the space it's placed in. Though cane and the technique of adding it to existing furniture is now trendy, the classic feel and practicality of it tell us that it's most likely here to stay.

Cane surfaces easily be integrated into most existing designs and spaces and cane itself is a sustainable material with a production style that represents the concept of "slow interiors" (just like slow fashion). With its warmth and texture, it can make any room in the house feel more cozy and comfortable, which is why we like it for the kitchen. Cane is still new to the kitchen cabinet world, so dare to be different and you might become a trendsetter.

How to DIY cane cabinets

Because of the light brown coloring of cane, you need to have the right elements to go with it. The cabinet frames, walls, ceiling, and the countertop material should all be in harmony, so consider that first before doing this project. The materials you'll need are cane sheets, hot glue, and scissors. One tip to make it renter-friendly is to use liquid starch instead of glue so it's easy to take off. The Mesh Pre-Woven Cane from Amazon costs $40 for a 5-foot roll and you can get more based on how many cabinets you have and their sizes. Note that you should first soak the cane material in water for 15 minutes so it's soft and malleable as you cut and work with it. 

One method to cover the cabinet doors with the cane is to remove the interior panels, leaving the frames, place the cane webbing in the middle from behind and attach with the adhesive around the edges. A simpler method is to attach the cane sheets onto the door. Leave the panels in place, cut out matching pieces of the cane sheet, apply the adhesive on them, and then fix the sheets onto the panels. To accessorize, have some fun with the door pulls with materials like gold or leather to add a nice touch.