Hilary Farr's Cabinet Advice Goes Against One Of 2024's Hottest Design Trends

Hilary Farr has quite the knack for knowing what works and what doesn't in home design. With a 19-season tenure on HGTV's "Love It or List It," and now on her latest series, "Tough Love," she isn't afraid to make her opinion known, and more often than not, Farr gets her way because homeowners know Farr is an expert at creating elegant, timeless, functional homes. If there's one room that Farr pulls out all the stops, it's the kitchen. She's been noted as saying that no amount is too much to spend in this room, as it's one you'll use every day of your life, and be able to get your money back when you sell (per Desert Financial Credit Union). For many, since Hilary Farr's kitchen makeovers are showstoppers, her advice is as good as gold. But, Farr's latest opinion on cabinets may have fans divided, as it goes against one of 2024's hottest trends.

In an interview with Apartment Therapy, Farr noted that one of her major kitchen faux-paus is statement hardware on kitchen cabinetry. But, as maximalism enjoys its design renaissance, statement hardware is solidifying its status as a kitchen trend. Lily Ann Cabinets has noted a growing move toward "bold, oversized or intricate hardware pieces to make a statement and add personality to the kitchen." Below we explain why Farr isn't feeling this trend, and discuss whether you should follow her advice and stay simple, or step out and make a statement with some fancy knobs and pulls.

Why Hilary Farr isn't sold on statement hardware for kitchen cabinetry

Many designers and industry professionals are predicting that we'll be seeing more statement hardware on kitchen cabinets as the trend begins to surge. Instead of solely being for functionality, it's predicted that mixed material, bold shapes, colors, and textures, and antique and vintage knobs, handles, and pulls will rise in popularity as homeowners seek to add a touch of personality and uniqueness to their kitchens. But, HGTV's Hilary Farr isn't interested in this trend. Statement hardware is her number one no-go kitchen feature. Farr's disdain for this trend comes precisely because she thinks that this feature doesn't create visual interest, but it distracts from the overall visual appeal and harmony in the room.

She says in an interview with Apartment Therapy, "I rarely want to make kitchen hardware a feature, especially if it's open concept, because it becomes distracting." Adding that homeowners should opt for "lean and very linear hardware that will blend in with the cabinetry." This choice makes sense for the designer, as Hilary Farr's actual kitchen contains no hardware. Also, Farr has a noted preference for timeless cabinetry and does not follow trends to inform her own designs. This design method has certainly worked well for the award-winning designer, with her advice valued and her signature style beloved by many fans. But, for others, this is one time Hilary Farr has it all wrong. 

When you should and shouldn't use statement hardware

Fans are divided on Hilary Farr's kitchen advice regarding statement hardware. Most commenters wholeheartedly disagreed with the designer, noting that her advice wasn't based on design principles but simply her subjective opinion. One individual shared (via Apartment Therapy), "My favorite kitchen looked right out of the Caribbean — tropical multi-colored cabinets and hardware. It always made me happy." Herein lies an important reason why you should depart from Farr's advice and incorporate statement hardware in your kitchen. If your desired kitchen style calls for bright colors, metals, and, unique textures, such as tropicalcore, shabby chic, or a bold eclectic kitchen — statement hardware can be exactly what you need to help you perfect the look. 

But, you may want to stay away from statement hardware if you're aiming for a more universally appealing style and are concerned about resale value and what will appeal to future buyers. Styles that benefit from minimalist cabinet hardware include sleek contemporary homes, modern farmhouses, and minimalist Scandi-styled abodes. No matter the style of your home, you may also want to heed Farr's advice if you're investing money and effort in a focal point or statement piece for your kitchen, such as a chandelier or backlit marble backsplash. In this case, you'll want to let your major statement piece speak for itself and minimize other distractions. Whatever your chosen interior design, it's important to remember that design is entirely subjective. Once your space is functional and makes you happy, it's a design win.