Why Design Experts Are Loving Sofia Vergara's Stunning Outdoor Patio Design

Sofia Vergara is many things — a TV personality, movie star, businesswoman, and now, she can add the owner of a buzzworthy backyard to the list. The celebrity's Los Angeles mansion has an incredible patio with both an outdoor living and dining area. Who would ever be indoors when you have a yard like that? Although, inside is pretty spectacular, too. Design gurus are loving Vergara's garden. Experts don't just admire the gorgeous space but are also raving about the patio's cozy layout, dynamic layering of décor, and practical design.

The patio is truly an extension of Vergara's home. The actress shared in an interview with Architectural Digest, "There's something about this garden that is really inviting and people come and they don't wanna leave." We would probably overstay our visit, too. With Vergara's garden as the muse, you can also revamp your patio space into one that is vibrant, welcoming, and homey.

The perfect patio for dining and entertaining

It is not easy nailing one design, but Sofia Vergara hit two right on the head with her outdoor dining and living room. Interior design expert Nina Lichtenstein told Homes & Gardens that "mastering the art of creating a captivating summer tablescape involves understanding key tips and selecting essential elements including table linens, dinnerware and glassware, and a centerpiece." Liechtenstein agrees that Vergara did just that. Her long table was dressed in a green and white tablecloth with botanical patterns. The nature-esque style was also carried out in the glassware, dishes, and napkins. Even the coasters, chargers, and napkin rings provided visual depth and contrast with their warm brown shades and organic materials.

The same stunning execution is seen in the entertainment space. Interior designer Chrissy Arsenault told Homes & Gardens, "This is the ultimate example of bringing the indoors out, with these cozy deep-set furnishings arranged in a U-shaped conversation layout, allowing the outdoors to be the focal point." Vergara's outdoor sofa set is chunky and comfy, providing the perfect place to enjoy the company of your loved ones. The area has a simple, neutral design, which lets the beautiful surrounding garden speak for itself.

The two areas are completely different in style and function. However, both embrace the natural elements and go all in with their design. Even if you don't have a mansion like the movie star, you can still design your perfect patio with Vergara's backyard as inspiration.

How to get the look of Sofia Vergara's outdoor patio

For your outdoor dining area, focus on color and print. You can copy Sofia Vergara's green and white scheme with patterns of trees and birds or choose something unique to you. Whatever the design, ensure to carry out the same color and pattern in the other table details. An easy DIY is to grab an extra tablecloth when you buy the covering and cut it into small squares to create matching napkins. Then, use décor like chargers and coasters to break up the pattern. Vergara employed wooden elements for visual depth, but glass, metal, jute, and others can play well in the design, too.

While color and pattern dominated the dining area, the entertainment space was all about neutrals. Comfy, light-toned seating should be the base of your design. Arrange the chairs or couches in a manner that promotes conversation. Vergara's is centered around a coffee table in a similar hue to the sofa. The Caomhan Single Coffee Table from Wayfair has a design identical to the actress' and sells for under $180. Another key element was Vergara's stone planters. For budget-friendly décor, you can transform cheap plastic pots into chic cement planters, making several in different shapes and sizes to match your space. Finally, define the area with a rug slightly darker than the seating to complete the space. Before you know it, you'll want to hang out on the patio, even when it's cold outside.