Never Struggle With Aluminum Foil Again Using This Trick For Clean, Straight Tears

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Aluminum foil is a kitchen staple that's perfect for storing leftovers, grilling, and so much more. You can even reuse aluminum foil by popping it in the dishwasher, working to keep garbage out of landfills while saving money on your shopping bills. Unfortunately, aluminum foil doesn't always unravel cleanly, with jagged tears leaving you with a mess in your kitchen. Instead of purchasing roll after roll, @creative_explained has an inventive hack to prevent tin foil waste. Grab a piece of aluminum foil, crumple it into a ball, and rub it back and forth across your roll of aluminum foil. You'll slowly see the uneven top layer tear peel away, allowing you to tear straight lines of foil with ease. 

But why does aluminum foil prove to be so frustrating in the first place? For starters, the adhesive layer inside a brand-new roll of aluminum foil can lead to uneven tears. Additionally, Reynold's Wrap aluminum foil has different color meanings, each offering something unique when cooking. These foils range from everyday use to heavy-duty, and their thickness varies. Thinner foils tend to rip more easily, which can make clean lines a chore. But a ball of aluminum foil can quickly rectify this issue, making cooking and storing food a breeze. 

Crumple your aluminum foil into a ball for instantly straight lines

This hack is as simple as grabbing an old piece of aluminum foil, crumpling it into a ball, and rubbing it back and forth in a straight line across your roll of aluminum foil. You'll see little shards flake off, indicating that you're creating a fresh line. Just don't rub too hard — you don't want to tear off more than one layer. To avoid product waste, you can use an old piece of aluminum foil for this hack, or one of the small pieces that were previously ripped off. Moving forward, you can always fold under the end of your aluminum foil, preventing it from sticking when you go to use it next. 

Even though there are tons of great uses for aluminum foil, including cleaning your home, there are alternatives if you're looking for sustainable options. Yes, you can reuse tin foil several times before you need to replace it, but you can also purchase silicone baking mats. Amazon sells a three-pack for $9, providing a greener alternative to tin foil. This doesn't mean aluminum foil can't be used in other ways — you can use it to remove rust from metal, amongst other things. But if you prefer the disposable convenience of aluminum foil for cooking and baking, be sure to have a crumpled piece ready if you find that your roll is tearing unevenly.