TikTok Shares A Smart Way To Repurpose A Breadbox For Clutter-Free Counters

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Finding space in your home can be an art form, and when it comes to your kitchen, freeing up surfaces takes finesse at times. For a lot of homes, the countertops are a hub of activity, and while using spice racks will increase vertical storage and an ironing board can make up for a lack of counter space, sometimes you need more. If you find your surfaces filled with chaos, or more specifically, cables and cords, creating a clever hiding spot might be easier to do than you think. While you could use Command hooks to organize these wires, a breadbox can become incognito cord storage. The DIY holder only requires two steps: buy a breadbox, and drill some holes. Even if you're not craft-savvy or don't enjoy the energy homemade solutions require, this hack is so simple, it might be the best invention since sliced bread.

Kitchen countertops offer two elements that make them a hotspot for cords. There's surface area, and usually accessible outlets where you can plug in several cables or add a multi-option adapter. Because of this, your counters can become laden with charging electronics, with the wires making the space cluttered and chaotic. Rather than ignoring the problem, a breadbox can hold all your cables while matching the kitchen aesthetic, and may fit in better than electronics holders would, too, since bread bins are designed to be kept on countertops.

All you have to do is drill holes into the breadbox for the charging cords

The trickiest part of re-creating this hack will be finding the breadbox you want to use, but only because the options are limitless. You can thrift an old bread bin and repurpose it, but this could require a little extra work, especially if it needs some TLC and sanding and painting is involved. If you prefer to go the "new" route, you can find breadboxes on Amazon, at Target, or even at Lowe's. The box should be wood to make it easier to drill into the back, as this is where you will create holes to pull cords through. Once you get your new holder home, use a drill bit that's thick enough to create an opening that cables can slide through. Make sure there's also enough space for the actual ports, not just the wires, so they don't get stuck when you feed them through the holes.

The back will be turned toward the wall, so you don't need to worry about the holes showing. Next, you'll add all the cords to the plug, then feed them into the interior of the breadbox. This is where you can keep devices being charged to get them off of the counter, hidden while they are plugged in! With a bit of luck, the breadbox may even be tall enough to hide your outlet. You can use the flat top to store spices, cookbooks, etc., to further help keep your kitchen counters clutter-free.