The Vertical Spice Rack That Maximizes Counter Space In Your Kitchen

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Humans are pretty good at finding things to complain about: it's too sunny outside, that coffee mug isn't big enough, and last night's cheesecake was just a tad too sweet. One thing people never complain about, however, is having too much counter space in the kitchen. While you may not be able to add more inches to your countertops, you can make the most of a small kitchen by organizing your spices in a more space-conscious way.

A tiered spice rack is an effective and cost-friendly option, but if you have one, you also likely have a love-hate relationship with it. Sure, the tiered rack makes it easy to see what you have on hand and it makes the process of putting spices away fairly straightforward, but its footprint is annoyingly large. A better solution to countertop spice storage is this handcrafted, wooden spice rack ($79 on Etsy), featured on a TikTok video by @guidinggoodintentions. The user quickly uses the rack to maximize her counter space and elevate her kitchen style. The spice jars nest snuggly on the rack's shelves, keeping them secure until they are needed for the next recipe. The product shop has pages upon pages of 5-star reviews, raving about the quality of the rack, overall handiwork, and its efficiency in storing spice inventory.

Cost-accessible alternatives

Whether your kitchen is big or small, you could always make use of more counter space for prepping meals, sorting mail, unloading groceries, and convening around the coffee machine. If you are currently storing your spices on a tiered shelf, you may be desperate enough to pay a pretty penny for whatever solution will give you a few more inches of space — and no one would blame you. Yet, handcrafted spice racks may be out of reach for the frugal individual. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of solid options that will help you maximize your space if you are willing to compromise a little on aesthetics. This metal spice rack (normally $47 on Amazon) comes with all the supplies you need to efficiently store 28 jars of spices — it even includes jars and labels to make the transition all the smoother. If you're a fan of the natural wood aesthetic, this bamboo spice rack ($30 on Amazon) may fit the bill without breaking the bank.

A note about spice storage

Keeping spices on display in the kitchen can lend a warm and inviting appeal to your culinary space — especially if the spices are stored on a cute vertical wooden rack. However, the somewhat unfortunate reality is that spices are fairly sensitive when it comes to environmental conditions, even if many people don't realize it.

You may have noticed that the TikTok creator positioned her spice rack directly next to her stovetop. However, this is a big no-no in the world of spice storage. To keep them as fresh as possible for as long as possible, spices should be kept well away from heat sources such as stoves and other kitchen appliances. Moving the vertical rack to another corner of the kitchen counter would help to better preserve the spices' flavors over time. For the most ideal environment for spices, you'll also want to keep your vertical rack out of direct sunlight and protected against humidity, which can likewise damage the taste of the spices.