Dollar Tree Vs. Dollar General: Who Has The Better Flower Pots & Garden Essentials?

As you explore the world of horticulture, you might find yourself looking into garden hacks for an instant green thumb. If so, you're probably aware of all the items needed to keep your garden flourishing. Some of these items are flower pots, as they can elevate any garden or outdoor space. You can even bring certain plants indoors come the cold winter months, provided you have the right planters. And what better place to purchase these items than Dollar Tree and Dollar General? However, each store has pros and cons for purchasing garden essentials from them.

One advantage of Dollar Tree is the prices. Most items are $1.25, which means you can get more bang for your buck. However, the quality of items might vary from Dollar General. Since Dollar Tree is less expensive, most garden essentials are made from plastic. Dollar General, on the other hand, sells terra cotta planters, but they're more expensive. It all comes down to quality vs. quantity. If you're looking for a few items to decorate your outdoor space, it might be worth it to shop at Dollar General. But if you need an abundance of flower pots for a party and don't want to spend much, Dollar Tree is a better bet. 

What the Dollar Tree has to offer

Dollar Tree has tons of great gardening items, such as colorful plastic watering cans. You can purchase them in multiple colors for $1.25 each. You can also buy glossy plastic plant pots for $1.25, keeping costs down. They also sell hanging planters priced at $1.25. These items are all perfect for your plants and work indoors and outdoors. Besides planters, Dollar Tree has an assortment of garden essentials to help while gardening. For instance, they sell kneeling pads for $1.25, but they're 0.75" and relatively thin. This might present an issue for anyone with joint pain. 

You can also purchase an assortment of garden decorations from Dollar Tree, such the Festival Fall Metal Sunflower Garden Stakes. Dollar Tree also sells planting accessories such as garden cultivators, if you need an inexpensive garden tool. For decoration, the retailer offers an assortment of solar lights to help illuminate your yard. Its sunflower solar lights, for example, have an average of 4.4 stars and 104 ratings. They sell for $1.25 each and, according to one review, "I bought these two weeks ago and I love them! I'm getting more for my yard!" Others report several of these lights not working. Therefore, Dollar Tree is ideal for inexpensive finds, but the quality might be lacking. 

Dollar General has some unique finds

Dollar General has items that retail for $1, but it also has more expensive gardening essentials that are of higher quality. For example, you can purchase a terra cotta planter for $4. You can even buy 12-inch cone-shaped planters for $10, and this item is listed as being made from "high-quality materials," boasting extended use and plenty of planting space for all your needs. For some people, however, a plastic flower pot is just that — plastic. And Dollar Tree sells them for less. Instead of Dollar Tree's standard plastic hanging planters, Dollar General sells a hanging woven planter for $4, adding a bit of whimsy to your indoor or outdoor space. The trick is finding it in stock online. Unlike Dollar Tree, Dollar General has a lot of out-of-stock online items. This doesn't mean that different stores won't have these items available for purchase — you'd need to visit a location to see what's available. 

Dollar General also has an assortment of adorable ceramic planters, like the ceramic snail pot for $5. You can even purchase galvanized planters if you're looking to stay away from ceramics, whereas Dollar Tree has more plastic items available. Both stores have some of the most essential gardening tools, but only Dollar General has items like potting soil from popular brands like Scotts, available for $8.50. In this instance, Dollar General has a more comprehensive selection of items needed for growing a healthy garden compared to Dollar Tree.