The Stylish Dollar Tree DIY That Will Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal On A Budget

Ah, that burning desire to increase your home's curb appeal, hoping to capture that magazine cover look that will have everyone in your neighborhood doing a double take. But reality has a habit of waving those eye-watering prices for a chic exterior makeover right in our faces, right? The good news is, you don't have to take the pricey route. With a quick trip to your local Dollar Tree store for a quaint mini wooden crate and a pack of galvanized numbers, you're on your way to affordably crank up your home's curb appeal with a functional and stylish house number sign that screams "expensive taste" instead of "budget DIY." The game plan? Tear apart the crate, glue the planks into a plaque, pop on the digits, maybe throw in a mini flower planter, and anchor the masterpiece on your wall.

When we look at the foundational components of this simple house number DIY, you'll find that a wood slat crate is an absolute steal at just $1.25 at Dollar Tree. Pick up a few extra crates to repurpose for home storage. Alongside, the Crafter's Square Galvanized Metal Numbers, also priced at only $1.25, allow for a personalized creation. If you've got some exterior wood stain at home, slap it on your plaque. Or be the rebel and try that hack of naturally staining wood with coffee. Add clear sealant (about $7), wood glue (about $5), small nails, and hanging hardware, and you're looking to spend less than $20 on a dazzling DIY house number plaque.

Steps to DIY a stunning house number plaque on a budget

This simple house number DIY kicks off with a bit of deconstruction work: taking apart the mini crate. Okay, it might seem a tad odd breaking down something new, but hear us out — it's all about the wiggle room to play around with the design. But be gentle to avoid breaking or splitting the wood. Next, grab some sandpaper, and work those planks over until they are nice and sleek. A quick dust-off will suffice to prime the plans for the next phase.

Now, apply your shade of wood stain evenly on all the pieces with a small paintbrush or clean rag, and let them dry. Next is where you let your imagination run wild and shuffle the slats on a wood backing, arranging them in patterns like chevron Vs or whatever your heart desires. Once you've found the perfect layout, secure the planks on the backing with nails or wood glue and trim the extras off the edge.

Up next? For a fun twist, whip up a mini planter from leftover wood pieces and attach it to your new creation. Now for the cherry on top: attaching your house numbers. You can go horizontal or vertical, whatever floats your boat. Slap on a hook and you've got yourself a snazzy DIY number sign that's ready to catch eyes from the street. Finally, toss a vibrant flower, maybe a marigold, into your mini planter for that extra splash of color.

Other considerations for this DIY

Regarding your house numbers, strike the right balance between style and readability. Stick with those classic, bold figures that seem to get along with nearly any backdrop they're thrown against. Now, the weather isn't always your home decor's best friend. Give your plaque a fighting chance by slapping on a waterproofing sealant like the Olympic WaterGuard Clear Exterior Wood Sealer Spray, going for roughly $7 at The Home Depot. And if your sign is in a sun-drenched spot? A layer of something UV-resistant will stop it from losing its charm too fast. Plus, it won't hurt to give it a quick clean now and then.

As for the best spot to place your house number, it's smart to consider a second set for your front gate post, driveway, or fence if your home sits somewhat far from the street. Now, what about lighting? Your sign should broadcast your house number from the rooftop, well, not literally, but you get the gist. Then, why not jazz things up with a solar-powered LED or some string lights or backlighting those numbers? Besides, that glow adds a whole vibe that's as welcoming as it is useful. And when it comes to personal touches, you've got many options. Just make sure whatever you add doesn't steal the spotlight from the numbers. Perhaps toss in your family name. And regarding the candidates for that mini planter, why not venture beyond upright greenery into the world of trailing options like creeping Jenny? All of these considerations can take your number plaque from basic to beautiful.