Smart Features Of The Sobro Coffee Table That Make Life Easier

Smart home appliances just got a whole lot smarter. Do you ever sit down on your couch and think "Ugh I forgot this or that," or "I wish I'd brought a snack." The list of items you might need after finally relaxing can grow long, but a new living room addition is about to change the way you hang out. The Sobro Coffee Table, $1,500, comes with so many upgrades and smart features, it's like a little robot in table form. Complete with refrigerated drawers, chargers, smart phone stations, speakers, and more, this table will transform your standard family room or lounge into an innovative and versatile space.

Coffee tables have always served a purpose, but while they can store remotes, knick knacks, books, as well as a variety of other items, that's all they really are: storage. A stationary piece of furniture that adds decor and provides a surface to keep things on. Sobro decided that while these items are necessary, they don't have to be so simple. 

The coffee table that brings the party

The Sobro Coffee Table has a sleek, modern design that does look somewhat futuristic-inspired, but it is simple and flows with a variety of aesthetics and home decor. The features are what truly sets this piece apart. For starters, you can bring all of your favorite snacks and drinks, including those which have to be kept cool, into the living room for easy access. One of the drawers is a mini fridge, and looks so unassuming no one would even know you're hiding the goods until you offer them a treat.

Finding an outlet that lets you keep hanging out on the couch, loungers, or even a beanbag can be tedious, especially when you're super comfortable. Luckily, this product includes two USB charging ports and four outlets. This gives residents and guests a chance to charge up without having to fight over outlets and ports. If you've been looking for ways to modernize or upgrade your space, it makes sense to have tech-savvy pieces that make life a little easier.

The features make it easy to relax

LED lights on the bottom can be set to reflect your mood or the vibe you want to bring to the room, as ambient lighting is crucial in spaces where you relax and spend most of your time. There are Bluetooth speakers on the sides of the table, making it more of an entertainment system than just an average table. The Sobro does look good without anything sitting on top, but you can still decorate your coffee table with a few modern items to enhance it, like simple frames, a candle, or even a coffee table book.

You can also utilize the two other drawers to store remotes, charging cords, and smaller game sets or electronics, leaving the surface clutter-free. More storage is always a bonus, as is having easy control of the lights, sounds, refrigerator temperature, and all the other features, which is why Sobro installed a touch panel for full function command.