The Best Coffee Table Books For Your Living Room

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From flowers to decorative bowls, there are several different ways to decorate a coffee table. That being said, there is no accessory more iconic than a coffee table book. According to Fightsong Studio, a coffee table book is a multifunctional addition to your space, allowing you to entertain and inspire guests interested in flipping through a few pages. While most people don't sit down to read a coffee book as they do a novel, they are incredibly informative and interesting, providing unique information on everything from home design to art history.

Despite the fact that the contents of a coffee table book are very important, most people choose their books based on their covers. In addition to fitting your own personal style and interests, you'll want to make sure that your book (or books) matches the rest of the aesthetic in your living room or space. That being said, we've rounded up 14 of the best coffee table books for your living room!

Bring the outdoors in with 'Revealed at the Edge'

"Revealed at the Edge" features stunning coastal photography by Allison Davis. Whether you are a California native or simply love browsing through photos of the beach, "Revealed at the Edge" is a stunning option that will offer some inspiration. While traveling from Blaine, Washington, to San Diego, California, Davis took photos of more than 250 unique and eye-catching landscapes, leading to the completion of her first book.

The cover features tranquil blue tones that fit in with a variety of styles and color schemes, making it a great option for those who want a more subtle and blended coffee table book. During an interview on the "Don't Take This Personally Podcast," Davis said, "This was a journey to create and be creative. To be a witness to life and beauty amidst an incredibly challenging time collectively and individually ... I hope it will inspire you to see the world differently, to chase your dreams, and to journey well throughout your own adventure."

Purchase the "Revealed at the Edge" from Allison Davis starting at $105.

Explore the history of art with '30,000 Years of Art'

If you're looking for a coffee table book that provides a major pop of color and an eye-catching cover, take a closer look at "30,000 Years of Art" from Phaidon. While sitting down with Apartment Therapy, designer Whitney Jones said, "The book itself is a work of art, with its super-thick, bold, pink and yellow hardcover, and the engaging descriptions of each featured piece are beautifully written ... It's also a great conversation starter for guests since it makes everyone want to peek inside."

The book has more than 600 images of art pieces that range from a variety of time periods and places around the world. In addition to the images themselves, each page is filled with amazing information, explaining the background of the art as well as the influence that it had over the entire spectrum of art history. While most coffee table books are rectangular, "30,000 Years of Art" has more of a square shape to it, allowing it to stand out among other options.

Purchase the "30,000 Years of Art" from Amazon starting at $14.17.

Learn more about interiors with 'Wallpaper: A History of Style and Trend'

Fans of interior design and decor will love Carolle Thibaut-Pomerantz's "Wallpaper: A History of Style and Trend." Wallpaper comes in a wide variety of styles, colors, and designs, making it a dynamic tool when renovating or decorating your home. Though modern wallpaper is pretty standard and easy to apply, this coffee table book covers everything from tapestries to frescos, showing just how extensive the history of wallpaper really is. It's more than just pretty prints.

In addition to adding depth and detailing to a room, wallpaper also allows you to show off your style and taste. Whether you've been thinking of sprucing up your walls and need some inspiration, or simply love the elegant and sophisticated cover, "Wallpaper: A History of Style and Trend" by Carolle Thibaut-Pomerantz is a classy addition to your home that will never become outdated.

Purchase the "Wallpaper: A History of Style and Trend" from Amazon starting at $96.99.

Read about some of the most amazing plant projects in 'Wild Creations'

"Wild Creations" by Hilton Carter lets readers take a closer look at some of the most amazing plant-filled homes in existence. The book's full title is "Wild Creations: Inspiring Projects to Create plus Plant Care Tips & Styling Ideas for Your Own Wild Interior," though it has become widely known as "Wild Creations" by design-enthusiasts and professionals. While it may seem as though decorating with plants is incredibly simple or easy, this coffee table book proves just how intricate and show-stopping the results can be.

From living plant walls to hanging moss, "Wild Creations" inspires readers to improve their green thumb and create a stunning oasis of their own. If you have an appreciation for nature and bringing the outdoors in, this coffee table book is just what you need as the centerpiece or focal point on your coffee table.

Purchase the "Wild Creations" from Amazon starting at $13.97.

Add a modern touch to your coffee table with 'Woman Made: Great Women Designers'

Are you looking to support women and add an elegant touch to your living room? "Woman Made: Great Women Designers" by Jane Hall celebrates the impact and influence women have had in design. Some of the iconic women featured in the book include Ray Eames, Eileen Gray, Florence Knoll, Ilse Crawford, and Faye Toogood, providing readers with a rich history of these women and the difference that their lives made.

Though the book itself is beautiful and showcases unique projects and items created by female designers, the written content is what makes this coffee table book so intriguing. The women highlighted in "Woman Made: Great Women Designers" also have very diverse and different backgrounds, coming from more than 50 different countries and places worldwide. If you want a coffee table book with a simple cover but an abundant interior, this is the one for you.

Purchase the "Woman Made: Great Women Designers" from Amazon starting at $59.97.

Fashion lovers will adore the 'Alexander McQueen' coffee table book

If you are a fan of fashion, "Alexander McQueen" is a must-have on your coffee table. The sleek and minimalistic cover is both powerful and mysterious, tempting anyone and everyone to give it a peek. The book will inspire anyone who appreciates the arts, since it shows the designer's most iconic and influential runway designs. His pieces weren't just clothes but works of art, so it's the perfect addition to any design lover's room.

In addition to providing you with tons of inspiration for your own life, "Alexander McQueen" also gives you the chance to get a closer look at the creative process and force behind one of Britain's most iconic and beloved designers. The photography within the book is also absolutely stunning, making it nearly impossible to look away while browsing through the pages.

Purchase "Alexander McQueen" from Amazon starting at $95.

Get artsy with 'Kusama: Cosmic Nature'

"Kusama: Cosmic Nature" by Mika Yoshitake takes readers on a unique and somewhat psychedelic journey through the New York Botanical Gardens. With more than 250-acres of vibrant florals and landscaping, the New York Botanical Gardens is the perfect setting for a colorful and vibrant coffee table book. The cover is very bright and evokes feelings of joy and positivity, making it nearly impossible not to pick up and flip through.

In addition to the gardens, there are also several images of sculptures and paintings, blending nature and art into one harmonious symphony. If you are looking to come across as refined and knowledgeable in the world of art, "Kusama: Cosmic Nature" is a solid option that encourages stimulating and thought-provoking conversation. Being that Mika Yoshitake is an independent curator, you can be certain that this coffee table book's pieces, formatting, and aesthetic are all top-notch.

Purchase "Kusama: Cosmic Nature" from Amazon starting at $40.

'Humans of New York' is a touching book that is great to share

Searching for a coffee table book that has meaning? Look no further than "Humans of New York" by Brandon Stanton. After starting a successful blog based on the lives and stories of those living in New York City, Brandon Stanton took his talents a step further with this heartwarming coffee table book. Though it is also available in paperback, the hardcover is better suited for making a statement in your living room.

During an interview with Apartment Therapy, professional designer Amala Raj Swenson said, "I have 'Humans of New York' currently on my coffee table and I love flipping through it and reading the stories ... Many of the people featured in the book have overcome a lot and it inspires me to work harder and keep a positive open mind in my life." This #1 New York Times bestseller is also one of the best conversation starters for when guests visit.

Purchase "Humans of New York" from Amazon starting at $29.99.

Transport yourself to France with 'Timeless Paris'

There is perhaps no city or place more sophisticated and elegant than Paris. From the timeless architecture to the classic cafes that adorn every corner, Paris is definitely a place for dreamers. Thankfully, "Timeless Paris" by Marin Montagut allows you to place a piece of Paris right in the middle of your home. However, rather than showcasing the famous streets or iconic sights, this coffee table book places a focus on the artisan shops and studios that the City of Lights is known for.

The cover of "Timeless Paris" features warm, earthy tones, making it a great addition to a neutral living room that has a lot of greenery. If you are thinking of adding a European twist to your home or you have a fascination with artisan cafe interiors, you need to have this coffee table book in your living room. Though it only highlights 20 interiors, the details in each one are very worth taking a closer look at.

Purchase "Timeless Paris" from Amazon starting at $29.99.

Bring the beach to your living room with 'Surf Shacks Volume 2'

Whether you live near the ocean or yearn for a cool sea breeze, "Surf Shacks Volume 2" is a hip and modern coffee table book that surfers and fans alike will love. While discussing "Surf Shacks Volume 2" with Apartment Therapy, designer Tiffany Leigh Piotrowski said, "Each of the homes featured feels eclectic and casual — perfectly imperfect. The pages also showcase a lifestyle that's a little bit more carefree. I love the linen cover and the graphic black lettering on the spine. It goes anywhere and instantly adds a bit of cool to any interior."

The book introduces you to surfers all the way from the coast of California to sunny Australia, with several notable stops in between. It is so interesting to see how differently these surfers live, with houses (or surf shacks) ranging from rundown cabins on the water to sky-high penthouses in the city.

Purchase the "Surf Shacks Volume 2" from Amazon starting at $60.

'Living With Color' is a stunning addition to any coffee table

As the name suggests, "Living with Color" by Rebecca Atwood is a coffee table book dedicated to the art of designing with color. Considering it is available through West Elm for only $35, it is also a bit of a steal compared to most other coffee table books. The pages are aesthetically pleasing and do a wonderful job catching the eye and drawing you in. The bright colors also capture your attention, ensuring that you are drawn in and focused on what is in front of you.

If you want to give your home a modern renovation, this book is a great resource to have on deck. Being that Rebecca Atwood made a name for herself as a textile designer, her expertise in color palettes and combos shines through in "Living With Color," proving that sprucing up your space is much easier than it may seem.

Purchase the "Living with Color" from West Elm starting at $35.

Add a retro touch to your space with 'Polaroid Now'

Are you looking for a more vintage addition to your coffee table? "Polaroid Now: The History and Future of Polaroid Photography" by Steve Crist celebrates art and the iconic polaroid camera by highlighting several different artists and styles. The book even includes polaroid photos taken by artistic legends such as Andy Warhol, David Hockney, and Chuck Close. And if you are interested in learning the mechanical side of the polaroid camera, there is even a section dedicated to the ins and outs of a 20x24 Polaroid camera.

Regarding the cover, the vibrant colors stand out among a crowd, while the reflected square shapes pay tribute to the actual body of the Polaroid camera itself. On the edges of the book, readers will find shiny, silver accents that are nostalgic of the original packaging used for Polaroid. In contrast, the book's inside features more than 200 inspiring images.

Purchase the "Polaroid Now: The History and Future of Polaroid Photography" from Amazon starting at $35.

Foodies will love 'Home Farm Cooking'

Though you may think that food-related books belong in the kitchen, "Home Farm Cooking" by Catherine and John Pawson has a more modern and artistic style when compared to your typical cookbook. The book was shot in the English countryside, resulting in a lot of neutral and warm tones that are both calming and serene. There is also a sense of family and connection that radiates through the pages, drawing you in and making you feel at home.

Whether you have foodie friends over or you enjoy reading about great food with great company, "Home Farm Cooking" is a solid centerpiece for your coffee table. Place a bowl of lemons or green apples next to it to play up the food theme, or use yellow flowers to spruce up the space. With more than 100 recipes inside the book, it is also a great resource for hosting and entertaining guests with delicious dishes.

Purchase the "Home Farm Cooking" from Amazon starting at $49.95.

Travel to Italy while browsing through 'Venice'

Coffee table books have an amazing ability to transport readers with stunning photography and descriptive paragraphs. "Venice" by Serge Ramelli does a wonderful job proving this point. During an interview with Apartment Therapy, designer Imani James said, "The colors on the cover are absolutely beautiful. Inside, there are over 150 photographs full of intense hues and detail; it instantly becomes art on the table when the book is left open ... The photos in the book bring back so many great memories."

From the famous canals to the grandiose cathedrals, "Venice" highlights the very best of this dynamic and unique city. There is a dramatic touch to each photo, and Ramelli captures Venice from every angle at different times throughout the day. If you're looking to inspire new travel plans, "Venice" is a wonderful tool that is sure to help your cause.

Purchase the "Venice" from Amazon starting at $112.