DIY Pool Noodles Into A Genius Budget-Friendly Bed Frame

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So, you're on the hunt for that unique bed frame that's more than just a typical wooden box. Perhaps you crave that plush, tufted bed frame you saw in a glossy magazine but your wallet goes into shock every time you check out the price tags in online catalogs. Now, here's a wild idea — what if you could reinvent your bed frame without the steep costs? Enter pool noodles. Yes, you read that right! Those vibrant, squishy tubes, when sliced in half and snuggled neatly under a fabric on a solid cardboard or plank, can find new purpose as a DIY bed frame that's as visually appealing as it is kind to your finances.

Now, cost-wise, pool noodles are a steal but vary in length and diameter. You could start with the Big Joe 55 x 2.5-inch pool noodle from Lowe's, each priced at $2.98, or the even more affordable Sun Squad 50 x 2.25-inch option from Target, ringing in at a buck. Size up your bed to figure out the required noodle dimensions, and remember, the beefier the noodles, the better.

With each piece of wood gobbling roughly five halves, that's 20 halves (or easy math, 10 whole pool noodles) to fully encase the raw bedsides. Add to this a cozy fabric that goes well with your bedroom's color scheme, a staple gun, long wooden boards, a utility knife, corner brackets, screws, a screwdriver, and a saw, and you're set to assemble your custom bed frame on a budget.

How to repurpose pool noodles into a budget bed frame

Kick off this hack for reusing pool noodles by slicing the tubes in half. Next up, cut the wooden boards down to size, so they're in perfect harmony with your bed dimensions. Now, grab one of those noodle halves and pop it on the end of your board (flat side down). Then, drape your choice of fabric over the top of it, pull it snug, and go to town with the staple gun to lock it all down. Keep on rolling with that process, lining up your noodles until you're looking at a lineup of nifty, road-bump-like tufts on the boards.

Durable upholstery fabric is your best bet here. But if you're working with what you've got, plain curtains or sheets will work too. Just make sure those tufts look uniformly plush. Once you dress up the noodles, whip the fabric edges over to the back of each board, staple them down, and trim any excess material off for a clean finish. Looking to cut corners? Well, you might just upholster the sides that show.

All that's left is to line up those dress-up boards against the sides of your bed, securing each adjoining corner with an L-shaped corner brace for wood. If things feel a bit wobbly, don't be shy with the extra fasteners. Slide your mattress back in, and there you have it! And if you're feeling adventurous, why not give your headboard the same stylish makeover?