The Mid-Century Tile Trend Joanna Gaines Recreated On Fixer Upper

"Fixer Upper: Lakehouse" saw Chip and Joanna Gaines opt for mid-century modern finishes, so it only makes sense that they used geometric tiles throughout the home. From tiny squares in the kitchen and bathrooms to longer, rectangular tiles on statement walls, the house had a ton of mid-century references. However, we'd venture to say that what made them stand out most were the colors picked. Staying true to mid-century modern characteristics, Joanna went for tiles in shades inspired by nature — and it certainly paid off. 

As "Fixer Upper: Lakehouse" fans will know, Chip and Joanna realized early on that the house they'd bought to renovate was originally designed with a mix of Spanish Revival and mid-century modern styles in mind. Decision to play into the house's unique character aside, the fact that the home was surrounded by so much nature and such incredible views made honing in on mid-century elements like nature-inspired colors a no-brainer. Cue geometric tiles in dark olive green, white, and ochre across the home's interior, tying it to the elements right outside of it. 

Another benefit to keeping things inspired by the natural surroundings of the home? Instead of coming across kitsch or old-fashioned, the tiles felt distinctly fresh and modern. Sure, mid-century design inspired it, but this house fits right in, right now — and the focus on nature means it'll never go out of style

How to use Joanna Gaines' approach in your own home

One of the biggest perks of Joanna Gaines' approach to mid-century tiles is how easy it is for "Fixer Upper" fans to re-create the look in their own mid-century modern homes. Simply take a look at your surroundings, and use them as a starting point. If, like with the lake house featured on the show, your home is situated in a forested area, dark olive and moss greens are a great way to bring that outside in. If, on the other hand, your surroundings are a little more sparse, focus on what you do have, whether that be tons of open blue sky, your pool, or pebbles along your walkway. The key to nailing mid-century modern design, whether in your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom lies in getting creative with how you bring those outdoors in. 

Once you know how you want to connect your tiles to the outdoors, you can look into where to buy them. Fireclay Tiles and Modwalls Tile both have great, mid-century modern-specific offerings. Otherwise, take a look around your nearest tile store for inspiration and advice. If, after taking a look at what's available, you realize you'll need to save up for what you really want, you can also go with cheaper mosaic tiles. Amazon sells 5-sq-ft packs for under $45. Alternatively, there are also always peel-and-stick options, which go for around $30 at Walmart.