IKEA Shoppers' Favorite Cozy Sofa Bed, Based On Reviews

Being able to host guests with grace is a gift — or is it a learned skill? Whatever the case may be, having a guest-friendly home with the right setup will impact how comfortable visitors feel when staying with you. While some homeowners have a fully furnished guest room just waiting to be used, it's relatively common to not have extra rooms or even beds readily available for overnight visitors. Fortunately, the right sofa bed from IKEA can alleviate your anxieties about graciously hosting them. If you're looking for reasonably priced and well-reviewed sofa beds, IKEA is a great place to start. 

Their offerings are simultaneously extensive and practical, with one of the most highly reviewed products being the FRIHETEN / KLAGSHAMN ($999). This sofa bed comes in two colors (gray and blue) and is sold with a 10-year limited warranty. Unlike sofa beds that are too hard or too small, when it comes to the FRIHETEN / KLAGSHAMN, the majority of reviews specifically point to the firm comfort of the bed when fully extended, as well as the functionality of the sofa component when the bed is concealed. Suffice it to say, this is the best reviewed sofa bed on IKEA, which justifies its hefty price tag.

In contrast, the similarly-priced FRIHETEN (usually $849) received significantly more complaints about the material, quality, and lack of padding.

More to love about this well-reviewed IKEA sofa bed

If you're already sold on the FRIHETEN / KLAGSHAMN, you may be shocked to learn that there are even more benefits wrapped up in it. Sofas with a chaise on them can sometimes feel overly structured, with many brands making you choose between a left or right-side chaise. This model from IKEA, however, allows for customization with a versatile either-side chaise attachment that can be swapped whenever you want or need. Customers compliment the comfort of the couch, claiming that it is perfect for lounging or falling asleep on top of, and many individuals also confirmed that the couch is easy to assemble. As one reviewer wrote, "Comfortable to sit and sleep on with its nice firm construction. Great quality for the price too and exactly what I wanted." 

Another gushed, "Love the design, super comfortable as a lounge and bed, converts so easily, love the storage space, and the hidden mattress in the cushion. Highly recommended." Resilient hinges allow you to easily open the empty portion of the sofa bed and stash an impressive amount of materials within, which many customers also raved about. One easy and practical use for the storage space is to house fresh linens and pillows for guests. In order to keep the guest bedding fresh, store them inside zippered storage bags to protect them from pet odors, food crumbs, and other debris that may make its way into the storage space.