This IKEA Sleeper Sofa Is The Perfect Way To Easily Add Room For Overnight Guests

Those who live in small spaces can relate to the joy of finding clever multi-purpose furniture pieces that are both stylish and versatile. The KIVIK 1-seat sofa bed from IKEA might be one of the best examples of that. The KIVIK has been called the most comfortable couch at IKEA, especially for entertaining. The 1-seat version takes up even less space than the original, and it folds out into a bed that your guests will love to snooze on.

Ideal for small living rooms, the KIVIK 1-seat sofa is equipped with a pull-out feature that transforms into a comfortable bed. The sofa cushion conveniently unfolds into a plush mattress. It's made of high-resilience foam and polyester fiber mold that supports your body while you sleep. The sofa bed takes only a few minutes to set up and can accommodate one person comfortably. It has a compact and sleek design, adding both style and function to your living space. This sofa bed is made of durable materials that will preserve the shape of your sofa bed for many years, according to IKEA. Plus, the covers are removable and machine washable, which makes it easy to keep this couch clean.

Removable covers are also a great opportunity to customize your KIVIK 1-seat sofa to suit your home's decor theme and color palette. In fact, there are many simple and creative ways to upgrade your IKEA sofa to showcase your eye for design and improve the overall aesthetic of your space.

Creative ways to dress up your IKEA KIVIK sleeper sofa

As we mentioned before, you can customize the look of your sofa-bed by choosing from the variety of cushion covers available at IKEA. There are 13 colors for the KIVIK 1-seat sofa cushions, and one set is included in the price. You can also upgrade an IKEA sectional or sofa and support small businesses at the same time by shopping on Etsy. Customized handmade covers for the KIVIK 1-seat are sold on Etsy by makers such as FamilyCoverLab and CRsofaman; both of these makers have many five-star reviews. Choose from a variety of colors, fabrics, and patterns to truly make it your own.

IKEA also has creative suggestions for styling your sofa with what they call the "3+1 rule." This rule refers to curating your sofa with three distinctive throw pillows and one finishing statement touch, thus the name 3+1. When choosing cushions, the goal is to source one basic pillow, one pillow with a contrasting fabric, and one bold cushion to give it the "wow" factor. For the finishing touch, choose a blanket that is both cozy and complementary. Given that this particular sofa is smaller, you may opt for just two pillows instead. Complete the look with a statement rug and a side table, and your sofa bed is sure to become the dreamiest part of your home.