The Benefits Of Adding A Patio To Your Outdoor Space This Summer

A nice, cool breeze on your face. The sun up in the sky. Birds chirping all around. While hot summer days can sometimes get a bit too toasty, they can be incredibly relaxing if you have a shaded patio to enjoy them from. Although a simple backyard can be a lot of fun, a dedicated outdoor patio with a well-thought-out design can make things much more enjoyable. 

A well-designed patio can boost your home's curb appeal and can become the ultimate outdoor entertaining destination. You'll be able to lounge around a patio table or couch while watching your kids play in the backyard and can bring guests over on the weekends. Whether you want to grill out at night or simply enjoy a glass of lemonade and read a book during the day, the right patio can allow you to relax and enjoy nature. At the same time, you'll have plenty of shade to keep you cool and protect you from the hot, summer sun. 

How a patio can benefit your home

While a great patio can be ideal for sitting out and relaxing in the summer, it also offers some addition benefits as well. It's a great place to socialize if you want to bring guests over to entertain or you want to host an outdoor cookout on a holiday. If designed well, however, you can also make use of your patio year-round and can enjoy it well after the summer ends — even in the winter. Adding a heater, for example, can help you enjoy the patio in the colder months as well as in the summer. 

Another great benefit of installing a patio is that doing so can potentially raise the resale value of your home by 8% to 10% and offer an ROI of more than 80% on average. Many home buyers find patios to be very desirable, so you'll likely to get a good bit of your money back if you decide to sell your home later on.

How to start planning your patio

If you're interested in adding a patio to your outdoor space this summer, there are many steps to take to make it a reality. First of all, you'll need to think about your budget and ensure you have enough money to create the outdoor space that you desire. It can be costly to build a patio, but careful planning can help you avoid spending too much. 

You'll also need to think carefully about the space you have available and determine the right patio shape for your backyard. Even a small outdoor space can be suitable for building an amazing patio, but you'll need to think carefully about the design and get it right to ensure it doesn't feel cramped. You'll also probably need to do some landscaping to prepare your backyard for a patio installation and think carefully about the materials that you use when building it. With enough effort and planning, however, you'll be able to design and build an outdoor patio that you and your guests can enjoy in the summer and beyond.