Fixer To Fabulous' Jenny Marrs Has A Money-Saving Trick For Updating Landscaping

Good home landscaping means that the outdoor part of your home is inviting and pleasant in a way that enhances your property's value. From the right amount of greenery to usable pathways, landscaping can be modernized just like a home interior, and you don't have to break the bank to achieve this. One design tip from HGTV "Fixer To Fabulous" star Jenny Marrs to save money during landscaping is to move your plants around instead of buying new ones. "You just have to be thoughtful when planning out your landscaping — and begin with something simple like putting potted plants and flowers on your front porch or at your front door," she says (via Homes & Gardens). 

Updating your home, whether the interior or exterior, doesn't need to be expensive. With the right elements and proper planning, you can create your dream space within whatever budget you have. For instance, you can refresh your backyard landscape on a budget with simple DIY projects like planting a flower garden or installing a small water feature. Jenny's technique of reusing plants is even more cost-effective because you won't spend a dime and will still end up with a refreshed exterior. 

Reuse the plants you already have

Instead of buying new things to decorate your yard, think about what you can move around to make the space more attractive and functional. With plants, this can look like simply moving potted indoor plants outside or transplanting those that are already in the ground. "Landscaping transforms a house, no matter the size of your yard, and even the easiest changes can be so influential," says Jenny Marrs on Homes & Gardens. "I love flowers, plants, and trees — they bring so much life to a home, and of course, this is the case for your exterior, too."

If your yard is missing some greenery, check to see if you have any potted indoor plants that can thrive outside too. For warmer climes, this includes banana plants, Kentia palms, ferns, and Monsteras. Just make sure to pay even more attention now to their hydration and ensure they are in the right spots to get the appropriate amount of sunlight. For plants that are already in the ground, you'll need a lot more care to reduce the chance of transplant shock. Some expert advice for efficiently transplanting shrubs is to carefully cut their roots, preferably in the fall season, and then transplant the root balls into holes that are two times their size so they have enough room to spread.