14 Unexpected Ways To Repurpose Cinder Blocks In Your Home & Garden

Cinder blocks are a DIYers dream come true. They're like the adult version of those building brick toys many of us played with as children. Cinder blocks are durable building materials made from cement, sand, and coal fly ash (aka cinders). They make the perfect base for constructing various furniture and decor. These bricks are literally the building blocks for multiple stylish, budget-friendly, and easy-to-do projects. We have 14 different ways you can repurpose cinder blocks in your home and garden, including creating outdoor furniture, garden walls, planters, a fire pit, and home decor.

We've got you covered if you're just repurposing a few leftover bricks from another build or have an entire stack to transform. Some projects, like the firewood storage, only require one cinder block while others, like the grill station, take more than 20. You can use both standard cinder blocks and half blocks for all of our repurposing hacks. However, you may need to use more bricks if you're working with half blocks. The bricks have a simple industrial design that can complement almost any space. However, if the industrial aesthetic isn't your style, you can paint them to decorate the pieces to your liking. Spray paint is one of the best methods for painting cinder blocks to ensure the color gets inside every pore. Now, grab your blocks and let's get building.

1. Furnish your patio

If you're looking to furnish your backyard, skip the furniture aisle and head straight for the cement bricks. You can DIY patio furniture out of cinder blocks, making benches and tables for your outdoor area. The bricks are the armrest and support structure for the seating and the base for the table. You can create a matching furniture set that sits your guest comfortably. However, you will need a cushion on the seat to make the last statement true. You can even make matching ottomans for added storage or relaxation.

2. Deck out your grill

Not only do cinder blocks create stylish patio furniture, but you can also DIY a grill station for your backyard and make an outdoor kitchen to match the lounging area in the patio. On the cinder block grill, add storage space to hang cooking utensils and shelves for the food. It is one way to get your backyard ready for the summer months. Since this is near fire, it's critical your cinder blocks are in good condition. If any are chipped or cracked, it's best to save them for another project.

3. Get toasty around the fire pit

You don't have to go deep in the woods to toast marshmallows around the campfire. Instead, you can use cinder blocks to make your own fire pit. Arrange the bricks in a rectangle or circular pattern and place the kindling in the center. For safety reasons, keep a few rules in mind about placing a fit pit: it should not be on grass, near low branches, or within 20 feet of structures. The exact regulations vary by location, so make sure your fit pit meets the standard before any flames are lit.

4. Store firewood

All the firewood you need for your cinder block fire pit can be stored in another cinder block contraption. A block with two wood planks on either end becomes a storehouse for your chopped wood. It keeps the kindling off of the ground, allowing for proper ventilation. If you don't have any firewood to stow away, the rack is also great for housing rolled blankets in the backyard, wine bottles in the kitchen, or hand towels in the bathroom. Just adjust the size of the wood planks to customize the design for your needs.

5. DIY a raised garden bed

Raised garden beds are great for yards that don't have any green space. Even if your outdoor area is grassy, there are several reasons you may want a raised garden bed over an in-ground one. For starters, it has better water drainage and offers more control of the soil. Cinder blocks make it easy to build one. You can customize how wide and tall you want the garden bed. You can even make multiple beds or add small plants like succulents or herbs inside the cinder block holes.

6. Stop outdoor furniture from sinking in the grass

Lawn furniture is great, but when the chair sinks into the grass while you're sitting on it, the ride down isn't much fun. Fortunately, you can prevent your outdoor furniture from sinking into the grass with cinder blocks. The blocks act as furniture pads and create a sturdy field for the feet of your tables and chairs. Half blocks are best for this project. You'll need to dig up some grass to insert the blocks into the lawn so that they can be leveled with the ground instead of poking out.

7. Bring your garden to new heights

If you want a grand garden but don't have a lot of outdoor space, fear not. Your dreams can still come true thanks to the cement bricks. You can turn cinder blocks into a vertical garden and take advantage of any unused space. Just stack the blocks in a pattern that suits your fancy and fill the cinder block holes with landscaping fabric before adding in the soil and plants. Paint the blocks if desired. Consider creating an entire wall with the cinder blocks to function as a vertical garden and a privacy screen.

8. Work on your new workspace

A new workspace is only a few stacked bricks away from being a reality, because you can DIY a desk with cinder blocks. The bricks act as the table legs, and then you just need to add a counter on top, like a wood plank, to complete the workstation. The height of the desk is up to you. Stack as many blocks as necessary to reach the desired height. The simple desk is great for a compact work area. You can also use it as a TV stand or console table.

9. Fashion a plant stand

For all the plant parents with more greenery than you can count, a cinder block plant stand may be useful. The two-tier shelf allows ample space on both levels and underneath to house several potted plants. You can also leave the first-tier shelf open and use it as a potting station. Then, store the containers, soil, gardening gloves, and other tools underneath the stand for easy access. It is ideal for making more room to house your plants and will even look like decor as your flowers and foliage thrive.

10. Create a stylish planter

Another way cinder blocks come in handy? As planters. The hollow interior of the brick creates the perfect shell to house flowers, herbs, and succulents. You'll need to line the block with landscaping fabric first to keep all the soil from spilling out. Then, add your seeds or seedlings. You can stack multiple blocks on top of each other to create a taller statement planter or use the individual blocks for a subtle design. These stylish planters are great indoors and out. Use it to line your walkways or as a centerpiece in the dining room.

11. Build a bookshelf

Another easy project is to create a DIY bookcase with cinder blocks. The shelving is extra storage space you can use anywhere in the house — in the kitchen for food, the garage for tools, or the living room for decor. You can even store things inside the cinder block holes. The cinder blocks are the base of the design, and then you'll use wood planks as the shelf levels. You can stack the bookcase two tiers tall without glue, but any higher and you should use cement adhesive to ensure everything is secured.

12. Gather around the coffee table

A coffee table is another furniture piece that is easy to build out of cinder blocks. The blocks are the base of the table and holds up the table top. Wood countertops complement the cement look of the bricks and create a rustic design. On the other hand, glass contrasts the industrial materials and creates a dynamic modern piece. You can cover the cinder blocks in stucco, twine, or fabric to further style the coffee table. Since the piece is low to the ground, gluing the blocks down is optional here.

13. Create more living room storage

To match the DIY coffee table, consider a cinder block end table. The blocks are stacked side-by-side to create a unique storage space next to your couch. The top surface is great for books, vases, and lamps, while the brick's holes are ideal for small decor and hiding items, like coasters and the TV remote. End tables should be 2 inches taller or shorter than the sofa, so you might need to horizontally stack a few cinder blocks to reach the recommended height for your couch. This piece is also great as a night stand.

14. Craft a decorative address plaque

A decorative address plaque is another DIY project that only takes one cinder block. Place the address plaque near your mailbox or front door. You'll definitely want to style this piece so it can double as gorgeous outdoor decor for your home. However, be careful not to crowd the design with too many colors or patterns. The house numbers should still be legible from a distance. You can also add flowers or solar lights inside the holes of the cinder block as another way to decorate them.