Here's How To Make Surprisingly Cool DIY Patio Furniture Out Of Cinder Blocks

Modern stone patio furniture can instantly elevate your outdoor space, but you don't have to spend thousands of dollars or pour your own concrete to get the look. We have a few outdoor patio ideas that can revamp your space, and this one is all about cinder blocks. The bricks make a durable and stylish foundation for a backyard bench that you can decorate however you'd like to match your outdoor space.

Building a bench might seem intimidating, but this is a beginner-friendly project. There are no power tools necessary and it can be done in one weekend (it could've been one afternoon but there's drying time to account for). The main materials you'll need are 14 cinder blocks, six 8-foot x 4-inch x 4-inch wood beams, a bench cushion, construction adhesive, wood sealant, and a sanding block. And if you like the stone bench, the matching table will be a treat.

Rock solid cinder block bench

The first step is to sand your wood beams. Once they're smooth, either leave the planks as is or stain them before applying a wood sealant. As the wood dries, it's time to arrange the cinder blocks. The bricks are the support system and armrest for our bench, so setting them right is important. It's best to set them up in the area where the bench will reside as it will be cumbersome to move once everything is mounted, so make sure you think about its placement beforehand.

The design calls for seven bricks on either side of the bench that mirror each other. The wood beams rest in the cinder block holes to create the backrest and support for the seat cushion. First, place two upright bricks head to head and stack two more rows on top of them. Ensure the blocks on the topmost row are on their side with the holes facing horizontally. Then, place the last brick vertically, with the holes in the same direction, at the back edge of the stacked blocks. Slide your wood beams through both armrests to ensure they are the right distance apart, roughly 7 feet.

If the measurements pass the test, use the construction adhesive to glue the blocks together. You can leave the bricks as is for an industrial-inspired furniture look or decorate the concrete with exterior paint to add a pop of color. Finally, slide the wood beams through each set of holes and add the seat cushion. Voilà!

Make a matching cinder block table

To complete this DIY outdoor furniture set, why not make a matching cinder block table? This project is even easier than the bench. All you need to do is stack the blocks for the base and add a top in the material of your choice. That's it! The amount of cinder blocks you'll need depends on how big you want your table to be. A small end piece perfect for resting drinks only takes eight blocks, whereas a larger table, ideal for backyard game night, will take 14.

Simply arrange half of your bricks in a rectangle and stack the remaining half on top to create your two-tiered base. You don't even need glue — gravity does all the work for you. In the same manner as the bench, you can paint the bricks to elevate the design or embrace the gray concrete and its industrial aesthetic. Finally, once the blocks are mounted, simply lay your chosen top onto the cinder blocks. Many different looks will work for your tabletop, from a wooden slab to poured resin. Whatever matches your personal taste will do the trick. In the end, you'll have a comfy, custom-made place to lounge, all at a fraction of the cost of store-bought patio furniture.