What To Know About IKEA's STRANDON Folding Chairs For Summer

Summertime calls for family beach trips, picnics, and other outdoor activities. Preparing all of your essentials is one of the most important parts of setting yourself up for a carefree day outside. Your checklist might include a cooler filled with food and drinks, toys, or folding chairs. Space-saving folding chairs are a vital part of a sunny day at the beach or lake, and the IKEA STRANDÖN is a great option. However, you should familiarize yourself with the two different chairs within the line before going out and purchasing one. One important difference is that the STRANDÖN beach chair is a better option for children while the STRANDÖN folding chair is larger and supportive enough for all ages.

Since both of these chairs are in the same IKEA STRANDÖN line, it's easy to get them confused with one another when doing a quick online search. Both chairs are even the same price of $39.99. Despite the similarities, these products offer different benefits. Make sure you make the right purchase for your needs so that you can enjoy spending time sitting outside this summer without worry. You may even want to consider purchasing a few of these chairs to help maximize your outdoor living space.

The IKEA STRANDÖN beach chair is better for children

The IKEA STRANDÖN beach chair is foldable, compact, and features a fun green stripe pattern that is perfect for the beach. You might be tempted to snag this chair for the whole family. Before you go make that purchase, you should know that customer reviews indicate this chair might be better for children rather than adults. In looking at photos of this product, you probably noticed that it does not seem to offer much support. It also appears to be on the smaller side. Clearly, this product is not exactly a heavy duty lawn chair, which indicates that it is likely a better fit for little ones.

Reviews posted to the product page for this IKEA product support this. "Really like the vibe of this little chair, however, the top and bottom bars are quite uncomfortable for any adult," one customer wrote. "This might be a good solution for kids at a beach but it's a no-go for adults. Also, the zipper seemed like it may not last very long." Another customer complained that they did not have enough room to stretch their legs out comfortably. "It's fine if you're sitting with your knees up," they shared in part. "It's really light and cute looking, would have been great if it were more comfortable." All in all, the IKEA STRANDÖN beach chair has a four-star rating.

Customers preferred the IKEA STRANDÖN folding chair

The IKEA STRANDÖN folding chair offers a bit more support than the beach chair. It has a larger fabric covering with a deeper seat that is likely a bit more accommodating for adults. It features a pattern with green dots, so it has a playful feel much like the other outdoor chair in the line. The IKEA STRANDÖN folding chair received a five-star rating, which is slightly higher than the beach chair. This may be because the folding chair seems to work well for both children and adults. Customer reviews indicate that this chair is not only super comfortable for all ages, but also convenient. 

According to one customer, "This chair is very light and easy to assemble. It's very comfortable with a high back to support your head. Very strong fabric with a lovely coloured pattern. Great to carry in the car for use on many occasions." If you are interested in this chair, beware that some customers found it to be a bit heavier than similar chairs. This makes sense given it appears to be sturdier than the IKEA STRANDÖN beach chair. "Although it's a lot lighter and more compact than your standard camping chairs, it is noticeably heavier than ones of similar design," another user penned. Now that you know the differences between these two budget-friendly IKEA folding chairs, you should be ready to decide which is a better fit for you.